Pregnancy bath need to keep in mind, do not because of their ignorance of the harm you and your baby-rainlendar

Take a bath to keep in mind during pregnancy because of their ignorance, don’t kill you and the baby – Sohu maternal pregnant mother A: every day shampoo bath, dandruff still itching not huge, but not hard to scratch, really want to go to a pair of scissors! Pregnant mother B: I am also, take a bath every day, out of a sweat, when a pregnant woman simply. Pregnant mother A: Hey ~ think I began to itch, hurry home to wash my hair, or more flexible and more itchy. Pregnant mother B: No, go home to let my husband to wash, a big stomach is too tired to take a bath! Pregnant mother A: gentlemen, you this sentence with the color is a bit obvious Oh (???). After pregnancy body has undergone many special physiological changes during pregnancy, sweat and sebaceous gland secretion than ordinary people strong, sweat and oily head will also increase, easy to infection and itchy swollen skin disease etc.. In October was remind pregnant mother to the regular shampoo, bath, wash clothes, keep clean, prevent infection. A bath shower bath, which points to keep in mind the good pregnant mother do not choose the best bath, because the shedding pregnancy vaginal epithelial cells than produce resistance. If the pregnant mother may choose bath, dirty water into the vagina, can cause inflammation, even intrauterine infection caused by premature birth or palace of vulva. Water is the most suitable water temperature control can be in 35- between 38. If the water temperature is too high, pregnant mother is likely to be due to lack of oxygen caused by fetal dysplasia, especially in the late pregnancy can not use a high water temperature bath. There are some pregnant mothers in order to maintain the elasticity of the skin and choose to shower hot and cold water bath, in fact, this method is easy to stimulate the uterus, in October, the bacteria do not recommend the use of this method pregnant mother. Bath time is too long pregnant mother bath time not too long, because the bathroom is in high temperature, the oxygen supply is insufficient, if long time a pregnant mother is prone to dizziness, vertigo, chest tightness, fatigue and other symptoms. May also make fetal hypoxia, heart rate and so on, when severe, also affect the development of fetal nervous system, so the bacteria suggested that the best time to take a pregnant mother can control in 10-20 minutes oh. Avoid hot water and some pregnant belly of pregnant mother with hot water in the shower shower abdominal habits, that can be warm, in fact, this is dangerous, long time hot water shower pregnant belly, is likely to cause fetal malformation of the baby. Two special parts of the key to clean the navel to be careful when pregnant mother in the cleaning of the navel, you can use cotton swab or cotton swab dipped in lotion to clean, and so on, after the water softening can be washed clean. If you can not clean, do not force, to prevent excessive bleeding caused by bleeding, but cause infection, pregnant mothers and babies are adverse. Cleaning of the vulva frequently during pregnancy hormone changes lead to increased genital secretions, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva, to avoid the use of lotion, water can be. In addition, do not wash the vagina with water, otherwise it will affect the normal vaginal acid-base environment resulting in infection. After the bath also don’t wear underwear, wear loose shirt or dress, such as air dried and then put on the genitals, can be effective!相关的主题文章: