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UnCategorized Certifications in human resources as an excellent way to advance your career. Consider a senior professional in human resources which is offered by the Human Resource Certification Institute. The exam itself covers six knowledge areas included strategic management, workforce planning and employment, Human resource development, .pensation and benefits, employee and labor relations, occupational health and lastly safety and security. The exam will focus on your mastery of these knowledge areas and your ability to use them in the work environment. As a human resource professional it is critical that you keep up will all laws, rules and regulations concerning employee and management relations. Merely identifying talent pools or jobs, and counting how many bodies you need to fill open positions is a limited way to carry out personnel planning. The .pany must understand, at all levels, where varying performance will most affect its results. Such pivot points should receive the most attention. Ask yourself where an improvement in the quality of talent and organization would make the biggest difference. This question focuses attention on why you hire people in the first place: the strategic success of the firm. The process and the resources do not need to be the same for every job, but should reflect the critical effect that particular job has on the firms business. Consider what a theme park needs in the way of talent. Although the Disney characters are important to the customer experience at Disneyland, the range between the worst Mickeycause of the way the job is structured. However, the job of sweeper not only has an impact on the cleanliness of the park, but also on the direct customer experience. Besides keeping the park clean, sweepers also have many unique opportunities to help customers; they are customer ambassadors. Disney puts extra resources into hiring and training sweepers, and that policy pays dividends. The Human Capital Bridge is a decision-making framework for connecting your HR investments to your unique strategies. This approach focuses on the three anchor points impact, efficacy and efficiency that inform your investment in talent, programs and practices. This structure raises many diagnostic questions, such as determining how to make your .petitive advantages difficult to duplicate. Where would hiring more employees have a greater impact than hiring better employees? What challenges do talented people face in key roles? How can management respond to those issues in a way that fits its priorities? How will your practices distinguish you in the talent market? Most organizations can create a better alignment between talent and pivot points. The key is to make this match with greater rigor and logic. To understand the strategic implications of talent, ask these questions: Do your .petitors assumptions about the future of the industry differ from yours? What can you do to ensure that your strategic assumptions are correct? What assumptions does your strategy depend on? What would happen to your strategy if these assumptions changed? To keep and hold a position over a rival .pany, a firm must be able to preserve an established difference. A generic model cannot provide the required differentiation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: