Perfecting the compensation system of marine ecological protection — environmental protection-wharfedale

To perfect the system of compensation for marine environmental protection, environmental protection, in August 31st, the twelve session of the twenty-second meeting of the NPC Standing Committee held a group meeting, considered the marine environmental protection law amendment (draft). Many members of the Standing Committee suggested to further refine and improve the marine ecological protection compensation system. Lv Wei said that the draft amendments to the provisions of article twenty-fourth, "the State shall establish and improve the compensation system of" the protection of the marine ecosystem, and the requirement of "strict protection", but "how to compensate this problem without expression, suggestions to supplement and improve the national regulations which should follow clear compensation. In 2014, China’s Marine Environmental Protection Bulletin shows that China’s coastal waters are seriously polluted and the ecological environment has been seriously damaged. Now not only to prevent the emergence of new damage, but also to increase the intensity of repair, otherwise the ecological deterioration." Liu Zhengkui members suggested that the draft amendment of article twenty-fourth to add one, that is, the destruction of the focus of marine ecological function area, the state to develop ecological restoration planning, ecological restoration measures taken". There are members of the Standing Committee pointed out that the terrigenous pollution by All rivers flow to the sea., rivers into the ocean, the ocean is the final destination of most terrestrial pollution. According to expert estimates, more than 80% from terrigenous marine pollutants. Therefore, marine environmental protection and pollution control must adhere to the idea of co-ordination of land and sea, not only on the ocean marine environmental protection. In addition, Zhu Jingzhi said that one of the highlights of the draft amendment is to increase the penalties for pollution, but the ninety-first is too broad, as specified in the emergence of the "general" and "large" and "major" and "serious" marine environmental pollution accidents, should be further clarified. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 01 August 09 Edition) (commissioning editor Jiang Qi and Shi Yaqiao)相关的主题文章: