Part of the Ministry of water resources production and construction projects of soil and water conse

Ministry of water conservancy project construction project approval decentralization of production approval permissions – soil and water conservation Beijing this inquiry for the implementation of the State Council to deepen the "tube service" spirit of reform, to further standardize the examination and approval, to optimize the service, improve efficiency, accelerate the construction of major investment projects, recently, the Ministry of water resources issued "on the part of the production plan approval decentralization project construction the examination and approval authority and approval notice of the facilities of soil and water conservation of soil and water conservation" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). The "Circular", the original shall be borne by the Ministry of water conservancy construction project approval of soil and water conservation facilities conservation plan and acceptance, in addition to the State Council for approval (approval, filing) project, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) projects and water conservancy projects, project approval and approval authority delegated to the provincial water administrative department of soil and water conservation and other production and construction projects the. "Notice" stressed that the project approval and acceptance of the authority delegated to maintain water and soil, the provincial water administrative departments in accordance with "the power and responsibilities delegated synchronization", "who, who undertake supervision requirements, the implementation of regulatory responsibility and measures to fully perform its duties of supervision and inspection, to strengthen capacity building, to catch the tube well, to ensure the quality and efficiency of examination and approval. Project approval and approval authority of the adjustment of soil and water conservation, reduction and decentralization of the microscopic examination and approval, the Ministry of water resources to implement specific measures to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council to deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, but also under the new situation of soil and water conservation is another step in the transformation of administrative responsibilities. With the soil and water conservation plan and approval authority, the Ministry of water resources will take a series of measures to further strengthen the supervision and guidance of the local water administrative departments at all levels, adhere to the source to prevent the process strict control, the consequences of severe punishment, strict conservation plan and approval approval, strengthen supervision of soil and water conservation, increase penalties for not first the building did not experience the first vote, unauthorized changes and other illegal activities, to ensure the sustainable development of economy and society and promote the construction of ecological civilization and effectively control the soil and water conservation ecological.相关的主题文章: