Paper Paddle Hand Fans – Spreading Ancient Aura In Contemporary Settings-verbal jint

Interior-Decorating Ancient artifacts and fashion accessories from 16th, 17th and 18th centuries have had a profound impact on the contemporary fashion. One of the major ethnic hit surviving through the radically changing fashion trends is a hand fan. Paper paddle hand fan has been a popular fashion accessory associated with many countries. Historical traces have justified its widespread use in European, Japanese and Chinese culture. In the past, it mainly ac.panied royal attires. It symbolized authority and prestige of the royal families. It added elegance to attires and practically served as a useful .modity during hot and humid climate. The aforementioned uses still prevail in the modern fashion-driven tiers of the society, but hand fan has undergone a major transformation in terms of its size, shape, appearance and material used for production. These days, it is more of a multi-purpose fashion accessory rather than a status symbol. Women prefer carrying them in their handbags and tote bags almost every time they step out of their house. Over the years, various cultural evolutions in different parts of the world influenced the design patterns. In China, rigid hand fan was popular, while Japan introduced folding ones, which was later adopted by in the European culture. The fabric used for making hand fan was mainly feathers or thin pieces of cloth. As trends kept on shaping and styling continued to undergo revival, paper became the most preferred material for crafting a hand fan, and paper paddle hand fan is the finest example of a contemporary hand fan. Excessive use of paper paddle hand fan was witnessed during the 2008 Olympics. A multitude of other uses have also been discovered. It can be effectively used as wedding decor accessory. Rather than spreading the budget bracket on lavish decoration accessories to adorn the ambience and bride’s attire, hand fan can be used as an effective dcor item. Pair it with multi-color tissue pom poms for a fairy tale like ambience. Also, if events are planned for the scorching summer heat, paper paddle hand fan can be used to get relief from the harsh climate. Designers have creatively used the multiple-colored paper paddle hand fan for creative home and office interiors. Beautifully colored fans and other wall pieces make beautiful artwork on bare walls. The use of a hand fan is also spotted in promotional parties and launch events. Businesses are using these cheaply available attractive fans for creating a lasting impression during events. In addition to these uses, it is also used as return gifts during celebratory events and as cost-effective alternatives for decoration during birthday parties. The best part about this ancient artifact is that it is easily available online. It is available in a wide range of color and design patterns. Vendors offer a secure and hassle free shopping experience. Their online stores are integrated with secure payment options; thus, eliminating risks associated with online shopping. So, if at all ancient artifacts excite your creative genes, fuel your creativity with paper paddle hand fans and create a glaring effect. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: