Octopus Predicts La Liga Finale-nvidia geforce gt 740m

Soccer From the second leg of the century this season insufficient war has 24 hours, days, Madrid boehner MaDeNa aquarium have two octopuses separately predict the result of the pitch. Surprisingly, was named "Iniesta" octopus chose real Madrid win, and named "igel" octopus nothing that both will choose, it draw. A few days ago Boehner Madera aquarium announced that will have two octopuses will be in Madrid Soccer Jersey and Barcelona game makes its own prediction. And this one prediction are attracted considerable whole fans and media attention. Perhaps is to see South Africa World Cup turning red, octopus Paul silverware and return of Spanish also jealous, the second leg while century war chance they have launched their own "predict emperor". Perhaps you glance the two octopuses, didn’t think that they have what special. But they are not small, the connections that can be single is aquarium officials gave them name is enough to attract eyeball, they put weight for 1.5 kilograms Mediterranean octopus named "issue", and the other a weight of 1.6 kilogram of Pacific spanish soccer jersey octopus named "igel", this is real Madrid keeper cedillas name. Forecast, workers will start octopus in special aquatic animals box. After a cruise after, "iniesta" unexpectedly climbed to write a real Madrid label, which also glass tube represents it valued rivals win; And weighed 16 kilograms of "igel" after hard choices after, it did not choose any party that represents two teams draw, it seems that real Madrid captain some pessimistic. What the two new "predict emperor who can succeed, still under eventually the out.e of the game. Beijing time April 17 at 4:00 PM, we see. KaLanKa also refused to disclose the starting lineup Saturday game real Madrid, he said he still needs to see race day player physical condition. "Our preparation time less than Barcelona on Tuesday a day (Barcelona, real Madrid’s play champions league football on Wednesday), tomorrow we must see players, we think the best players will debut." KaLanKa said, in the face of such an important game, real Madrid Real Madrid Jerseys players without mobilization, "Were a team, is now an exciting season last stage, if you are in real Madrid, that you have to believe that everything can ac.plish, in the present situation is even more so, the team’s team work is the most important." Cristiano Ronaldo Barcelona Kanaka therefore no goals, also said: "cristiano is the greatest player, he is the best player in the world, he is always hope to scoring goals, he is so this didn’t score, then end or end will score, he does not own score on the team win before. In Saturday’s game, the most important for us is Ronaldo Jersey getting three points, no matter good or bad playing. We will send the squad; try to win the premiership title possibility for the fight." A worth mentioning is the phenomenon: every time Kanaka replace Jos Mourinho accept reporters, real Madrid’s achievement is good, sometimes even can easily win. Real Madrid 1-0 wins and flood athletics, 4-0 win auxerre 0, 8 swept levante king’s cup their 1-0 eliminated sevilla and last week’s 3-0 win over real Madrid are Bilbo Kanaka patrolling the news release. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: