nothing Works! . . . Sound Familiar 6 Secrets To Turn Around Your Job Campaign!

Business It’s no use," Melanie .plained to me recently. "I’ve done everything I can think of to find a job. Nothing works! Nobody wants me." Melanie had spent months looking. She did it by putting together a great resume. In fact, she rewrote it several times when it didn’t seem to get results. She posted it on a number of job sites. And then she emailed it to several organizations that had published job openings. When she didn’t get any job offers she rewrote her resume once more. Still nothing. Melanie was depressed and angry. "What’s wrong with me?" was her response. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with Melanie. She’s just been doing it the wrong way. Finding a job in the 21st Century is a lot more .plicated than sending resumes. That used to work back in the day. No more. Of course, Melanie’s not alone. Thousands have discovered that their best efforts and intentions have landed them only more uncertainty and discouragement. The good news is there’s a way out. It starts with a serious re-examination of what it really takes to find a job these days. In fact, there a 6 principles that Melanie has to be willing to observe. They are fundamental to a successful job search. I. Managing a career and a job search is like managing a small business. 2. The realization that employers don’t owe you a job . . . therefore it’s up to you to take the initiative to move ahead. In other words, wimps don’t get consistently good jobs. 3 .The importance of " getting to know yourself’ .After all, you are the product in this market-driven enterprise. That means you need a systematic way of getting to know that product. You will find out how to categorize your skills and assets into usable selling points, benefits and features. 4 .How to sell your assets – a good salesperson in a highly .petitive marketplace. You must learn a strategy for .municating yourself to a prospective employer in a dynamic and memorable way. 5 .Professionalism . . . being able to look someone in the eye and confidently respond to an objection, concern or liability without defensive. Learn how to handle any resistance like a pro. 6. Building and maintaining a portfolio of career options. Discover the step by step secret of simultaneously exploring multiple career directions across a spectrum of work environments. Here’s Melanie’s best shot at landing a job offer. And your’s, too. Put these principles to work for you and you’ll be amazed at how productive your job search will be. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: