no To Obamacare Could Mean yes To Better Ideas-zznba

UnCategorized So often, there’s a misconception that opponents of ObamaCare don’t have any alternative ideas. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people (on both ends of the political spectrum) say, "But we needed reform!" We needed reform in March, when ObamaCare was passed. We really needed reform long before that. But truth be told, we still need reform today! What we need is a simplification of the system. And who better to trust than a doctor? From Dr. Alieta Eck’s piece: An innovative solution to our health care crisis would involve several layers of care. The first layer could involve the average person paying his doctor directly for services rendered. Paperwork would be minimal, patient-physician confidentiality would be maintained, and prices would be kept down by simple .petition. Living healthy lifestyles would save money. A second layer would be personally obtained, non-cancelable health insurance for unforeseen major medical maladies and accidents. These policies should have the coverage and deductible that fit a family budget. The states should merely oversee that the contract terms are met, but not mandate what is to be covered. Thirdly, safety net non-governmental charity clinics could to be scattered throughout every county in every state with each clinic deciding ways to determining the eligibility of those seeking the free care. Think it’s too good to be true? Dr. Eck’s entire article in discusses her real-life experiences with charity care. She ends with the suggestion that we start thinking ‘outside the box’ when it .es to health reform. That’s exactly what Congress will have to do, if Republicans are successful in defunding or otherwise tripping up ObamaCare’s implementation. It isn’t enough for either party to say no. but we should all be working together to .e up with alternative ideas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: