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[network] dream team 16305th lottery 3D recommended summary [dream team net] good luck King Fucai 3D 16305th period forecast: alone recommended 4 size analysis: from nearly 10, 100 a decimal in less, estimated 100 out of decimal may be higher, ten out of the decimal less expected the next ten bits out of decimal may be high, a large number of decimal number, estimated a bit out of decimal may be higher. Recommendation: 4 with biliary bile: 52 and 11, 19, good value: 9 size: small, small recommended recommendation: two pairs of odd parity 012 recommended: 122 Road, 021 Road, 022 road span recommended: 4 and 5 groups of selected forms: Group Six: 425403422042845344385445444025 —————————————————- [dream radio forecast the team of network lottery 3D 16305th: Yan Jiangnan lore a code of 2 period 16304 lottery number: 856. Number of features: big, even parity, particles converge tail: 9, and: 19. According to the above number of lottery number and analyze the characteristics of 16305 recommended Danma attention: 4, 8, 9, two, 41 yards of attention: 46, 48, 49 large and small size size attention: attention: even odd parity parity parity quality concern: close together, tail attention: 1, 2 and the value of attention: 21, 13, 10012, 100: 201 killed 1 yards: 2 duplex radio recommendation: 100 (8463) ten (9470) a (4182) 30 note: 894174144691448491471648344404 392898192308101391444148172194 672641844402878478804401198341 ———————————————- direct recommend [dream team net] After the 16305th period forecast ginger Fucai 3D: a focus on the 2 road kill 6 last out of 856, and a value of 19, parity format: even parity, size large format for a span of 3201 to 220 equations greatly. Hundred nearly 10 analysis, 8865806177, more than a hundred large number, the number of nearly 10 relatively active. From parity point of view: 100 odd odd out less. From the quality point of view: 100 prime numbers out of small, relatively active. According to the trend analysis, the next 1 road number. To provide energy-saving 08相关的主题文章: