Netflix CEO Cinema is killing the

Netflix CEO: the development of the cinema is killing the movie Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, Netflix CEO and Reed · Hastings (Reed Hastings) on Friday in the "New York guest" Tech Fest event said, the film industry is a "real tragedy", and the development is "kill the movie theater". Netflix has long been faced with resistance to cinema. Because Netflix hopes to release the same day on the same day in the theater through the streaming media channels broadcast, so many theaters refused to show Netflix homemade movies. Such a situation is changing, but the speed is not fast. Recently, Netflix and luxury theater company iPic Entertainment reached a cooperation agreement, in the 10 film released through the network at the same time these theaters show. Netflix content director Ted ·, Sarandos (Ted Sarandos), said it will become an important part of this year’s Netflix homemade film program. For Netflix, this is good news, but the company’s relationship with the movie industry giant remains to be broken. This Friday, Hastings focused on the cinema owners. He said that even if the cable TV and the Internet to reshape the development of the television industry, but in recent years the cinema almost no innovation. He pointed out that "capital" and "innovation" into the television industry, but the film industry is not the case. Hastings pointed out that cinema revenue can only be maintained flat. Part of the problem is that many of the smaller productions are better suited to play at home and at the same time. This will be an advantage for Netflix, but Mr Hastings says filmmakers will feel the same way. The producers are willing to break the monopoly of the cinema, but they do not know how to do "". If the producers are combined to the cinema press, then will have a monopoly, but if any producers take the first step, then it may be the gun fight bird. This means that they can only maintain the status quo. (compile Li Wei) recommended: focus on AI generation micro signal (tencentAI), reply to the "Standford", can get the Stanford University report: artificial intelligence and life in 2030 Report Download link.相关的主题文章: