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In 433 axis to hone foot main players lineup surfaced – Sports Sohu in Kunming in November 4th (the Zhao Yu) Lippi brought 433 formation for the Orangemen, but the players adapt to the tactical system also need some time, so Lippi this two days has been to the players’ minds his ideas. When the team was doing a lap practice, the team divided the players into two groups. From the arrangement of the two groups of people, the main axis of the main players have surfaced. National foot training and meticulous preparation as yesterday, the national foot today’s training is still only fifteen minutes before the opening of the media, so reporters can only see the team warm-up, as well as lap practice. In the lap training, the coaching staff will be divided into two groups, one group put on a yellow vest, and the other team wearing a red jersey. From the media point of view, a majority of the players are more like a team. Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Lin,, and the rest of the team are in the yellow vest with the full backs of the other four, respectively, and then they are the same, and they are the same as the other, and the other is the defender of. Among the four, Feng Xiaoting and Zhang Lin, is a partner in the centre back, after a left – handed, after the first one, and then, with the exception of one of the four men, the first half of the game, the first half of the world, and then the. In midfield, Huang Bowen, Wu Xi, and Zheng Zhi put on a yellow vest. Because Lippi gave the team instill a 433 formation, so Zheng Zhi will be in the middle of the three, Wu Xi and Huang Bowen are about to. Gao Lin, Wu Lei and are on the front line. But because Zhang Yuning did not rejoin, so this is just a temporary combination, the return of Zhang Yuning is likely to have changed the team’s attack. Although the yellow vest is more like a group of the main force, but this position is not completely fixed, because the team has only had two training sessions, Lippi need to examine the different players in the same position, and then to determine the 11 people of Qatar team lineup. But from the current situation, some of the main players still emerged, such as Zheng Zhi, Huang Bowen, Zhang Lin, Feng Xiaoting? In the axis of the player, the player if the injury does not appear, will certainly into the starting lineup, they are all from Guangzhou Heng brigade, very understanding of Lippi’s tactical system.相关的主题文章: