Nanjing restriction on the first day of the implementation of the divorce number increased by three iptd-651

Nanjing restriction order to implement the first day of divorce increased by three times the number of young people in the recent surge in divorce. Xinhua news agency, Wu Jun, a reporter for the center of the house to make the purchase order, so many people think of divorce. Nanjing will not be more than the number of divorces in Shanghai, the recent emergence of Yao Hao phenomenon? As of yesterday evening, 5:00, Yangzi Evening News reporter learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Department, the city a total of 320 couples divorced, the normal number of normal divorce is 3 times. There is no language is that some couples to divorce, because it is too late to prepare the divorce material and failed to handle. Marriage registration department said: invalid number, have to come back tomorrow. Yesterday, the number of divorces is three times in the morning yesterday, Nanjing marriage registration District Jiangning district has a lot of people to deal with the purchase order for divorce. One morning, a total of nearly 80 couples get the number. According to the person in charge, usually more than a little bit more than the other day of registration on Monday, generally 20 couples for divorce. By the time, only 40 of 80 couples to divorce, the main reason is the missing material ", the divorce agreement also involves children placement, distribution of property registration of this material, but because of the" fake divorce "objective is too obvious, these couples consider all lost. Reporters learned that, in these couples to divorce, and between the ages of 35 – 45 years of age for young people. Similarly, the Drum Tower District Marriage Registry, yesterday, more than 50 couples for divorce, usually more than ten pairs. The couple divorced when the hand has a nice smile as usual, and no expression of pain caused by divorce. "Today is a good day for marriage registration of marriage in September 26th, the Gregorian calendar, lunar calendar is August 26th, but the two good days, the number of divorces are generally more than the number of marriages." Municipal Civil Affairs Department official, yesterday was the first day of the purchase order to start the implementation, the number of divorces soared to 320 pairs, and in peacetime, the normal handling of the divorce is about 100 per day. High prices + fake divorce is Professor Wu Yiming of Nanjing Normal University School of social development to remind those who have double the risk that prices will continue to be strong: public funds into the high prices now is risk, then apply for the fake divorce is tantamount to double risk. The restriction is necessary to curb excessive real estate, housing prices have been a real impact on the real economy and the city’s economic structure, selling a school district room can save a listed company is not a legend. Wu said that the introduction of the purchase of the policy is very necessary, but there are policy measures, in recent years, the phenomenon of real estate policy loopholes through divorce, everywhere are commonplace, not new. Recently in Shanghai, the crowd to divorce the marriage registration office every day to have the ability to handle yaohao. Many people regard divorce as a means to meet the needs of their own speculation, it is not illegal, but the risk is not enough. "High prices have led to excessive risk of divorce again bring family risk, under such circumstances, a family out of speculative demand, pay the high cost of rush into danger." Wu Yiming remind is handling and ready to do相关的主题文章: