Mourinho Rooney is very happy with me and I’m very happy with him-ddrtys

Mourinho: Rooney is very important to me to Manchester United’s squad and he is happy Mourinho Rooney stressed the importance of sina sports United’s 4-1 victory over Leicester City, the recent downturn swept away the haze. After the Manchester United coach Mourinho told Sky Sports Team publicly praised the excellent performance of the game, he also stressed that despite the campaign to replace Rooney, but he is still the key to United players. When asked Rooney who missed the first case, Mourinho responded: "Rooney for me is still an important player for Manchester United to the country, he is an important player. I don’t have anything else to say, Rooney is my man, I trust him completely, and now he is happy because his team wins and his men win, so it’s normal." Then Mourinho praised the United campaign’s performance, he said: "before we eat to the Premier League 2 game losing streak, but we did not draw a season, got 4 wins, 12 points. The 4 games are very important to us. In today’s game, we ensured victory and brought joy to the fans. I don’t know when it was time to score 4 goals in the second half." Mourinho added: "I think the team played very well and we scored 4 goals. Although the goal is not Ibrahimovic, but his performance is still phenomenal, and today I gave him 7 points. His performance in the attack is very good, to suppress the opponent’s guard, but did not score." (Marco)相关的主题文章: