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Careers-Employment Marketing is one of the most lucrative careers that you can think of. However, if you are not serious about working in this field, you can ignore things and be casual with it. Here are some of the steps by which you cannot be successful in your marketing careers. Try to not to gain work experience: your marketing degree has a lot of value. But it is still not enough to impress your employers. Marketing is a field where you need to have practical work experience along with theoretical knowledge. Experience really counts when it comes to impressing recruiters. Even in your entry level marketing jobs, you can show work experience if you have worked in marketing internships. Some of the internships that you come across are paid internships. Even if they are unpaid ones, you still have work experience to back you up. Your work experience will help you score over those candidates who just have a degree. But if you do not want to be successful, be satisfied with just the degree. Do not collect any work experience. Be casual while choosing a company: be casual while choosing a company when you do not want to do well in this profession. The companys name matters a lot when it comes to enhancing your resume. You should work in such a company where there is scope of improvement and learning. This is how you will advance in your career. No not pay attention to your training? Before you set in for work, training is a vital process that you must go through. Make full use of the training that is provided to you and learn as many new skills as you can during the training period but when you do not want to do well, dont pay attention to the training. Dont enhance your communication skills: marketing lobs call in for effective communication. If you are good at communication then you have a big advantage over a lot of things. But you can afford to have a speech lag when you dont intend to succeed. Your dress code counts: you must be formally dresses from head to toe. Your employers, your clients, the industry bosses will judge you by the way you present yourself in front of them. Dress in the worst way possible in order to repel people. Be rude: always be rude and unfriendly to people with whom you have professional terms. Be courteous to them while you speak to them. Greet them with a smile, say thank you, please etc whenever required. You can afford to be rude to people when you dont want to succeed. Always be casual while selecting your products: always sell those products that you are not comfortable with when you do not want to succeed in this profession. Select products that you know you will not be effective with when you do not want to succeed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: