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German commander Harden averaged 15 assists to rocket executive team option –   sports star Sohu; Beijing on October 27th news from Houston, media reports said, today the Rockets will usher in the season opener against the young lakers. At UCLA shooting after the end of the training, coach Mike – DAntoni said he expects James harden assists per game this season can reach 14-15! DAntoni has run Master said, before he has made it clear that James is full-time guard in the role of Houston. Some media said that DAntoni’s goal is to "beard" into a replica of Steve Nash. In the preseason, with absolute ball harden enjoyed the new role in the rockets. "The players got their favorite shots and everyone felt comfortable," Harden said. "They’re happy. As a team, we need each other. The season is very long, at least for now we feel good about each other." DAntoni has very high expectations for harden. "Last season, harden sent 7-7.5 assists, I hope that the new season of his assists per game doubled," Anthony said, "I hope he can make it. To be honest, he’s one of the best passer I’ve ever seen." That is to say, DAntoni expected to harden value is averaging 14-15 assists! "The coach is slightly exaggerated," James said with a smile. From the data point of view, this is true, because in the history of NBA, no 1 people have been able to give the season out of the game with 15 assists. Rockets owner Leslie Alexander of the new season team looking forward to the prospects, "we have a great group of players this season, so what happens, let us wait and see," Alexander said. On the other hand, the Rockets in the implementation of the Clint – 17-18 season team options. Team general manager Darrel Murray on Cappella’s future hopes he can look forward to Dwight Howard to fill the vacancy left by. DAntoni confirmed that Cappella will be the starting point for the Lakers opener. (Jim)相关的主题文章: