Liuzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection informed 5 cases of discipline in the field of

Liuzhou discipline bulletin 5 from the field of poverty alleviation and discipline problems for further strict party discipline, persevere correct people around the "four winds" and the problem of corruption, the recent investigation of the 5 areas of poverty alleviation and discipline bulletin as follows: 1, the Liujiang River county Luo Zhen Fu village Party branch committee with Liang Xueyuan for embezzlement, guaranteeing payment of subsidies to the problem. From 2009 to 2015, Liang Xueyuan served in the Liujiang River County, Luo Zhen Fu Tang Cun with Party branch committee during the use of his office, in the village of Wu unknowingly, in the name of Wu respectively for rural residents, the elderly living low premium subsidies and housing maintenance costs totaling 17456 yuan, and 8445 yuan for the individual the cost of living. Liang Xueyuan by the party to observe the punishment for a year. 2, Luzhai County Zhai Sha Zhen La chapter commissions problem villagers committee Wei Qiuming received. From 2013 to 2016, Wei Qiuming served in Luzhai County village committee Village Sha Zhen La chapter during the use of his position, in assisting Zhai Sha Town People’s government to carry out reconstruction work in the process of accepting commissions 7 households rebuild a total of 17500 yuan. Wei Qiuming was expelled from the party. 3, Luzhai County four row four row town villagers committee deputy director Chen Liurong to help others to defraud the reconstruction grants, corruption and other issues. In 2013, Chen Liurong served in the four row four row Luzhai County town villagers Commission deputy director during the use of his position, in the reconstruction process to help the villagers in the name of the temperature of a temperature Moufang make students obtain false materials for applying for reconstruction grant funds 17600 yuan, and 1100 yuan as a reward to Wen Moufang, 6000 to a temperature, the remaining 10500 yuan for himself. Chen Liurong was expelled from the party, which have been suspected of violations of the law transferred to judicial organs according to law. 4, Rong’an County food and Drug Inspection Brigade inspector Wu Xijuan defrauding reconstruction subsidies. In April 2013, Wu Xijuan by concealing the true identity and false family income, defrauding reconstruction subsidies totaling 18479.32 yuan. Wu Xijuan by the party to observe the punishment for a year. On the 5, township of Rongshui County Lin Lang village Party branch secretary Wei Jinji, former cheat fund problem interception range. From 2009 to 2010, Wei Jinji served during the Lunar New Year’s township of Rongshui County Lin Lang village Party branch secretary, used his position to facilitate, through false change the number of foci by way of changing range of funds 27200 yuan, and 66 people, Luqiao interception door subsidies totaling 1980 yuan. Wei Jinji was expelled from the party. Related: "Bank of Liuzhou two middle managers was expelled for serious disciplinary" "Liuzhou daily news agency President Yan Chunxi and vice president He Juan was filed to review the" "Liuzhou radio and television former director Meng Zhuoyi serious violation was expelled from the party"相关的主题文章: