Liu Qibao more and more countries and international organizations to participate in the The Belt and

Liu Qibao: more and more countries and international organizations to participate in the construction of "Belt and Road Initiative" – Beijing, China News Agency, Xi’an, September 26 (reporter Tian Jin Yuan Chang) International Symposium on The Belt and Road "26 held in Xi’an, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Central Committee, propaganda minister Liu Qibao delivered a keynote speech pointed out that more and more countries and international organizations to participate in the" The Belt and Road construction, signed to build "The Belt and Road" China cooperation agreement with more than and 30 countries along, carrying out international cooperation capacity with more than and 20 countries. In order to better understand the "The Belt and Road" initiative, better join the "The Belt and Road construction, 2014, 2015, the State Council Information Office China respectively in Xinjiang Urumqi, Fujian Quanzhou held Silk Road Economic Belt International Symposium, twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road International Symposium, the two seminar aims to provide a broader be made one. A platform for discussion. Liu Qibao said, "The Belt and Road" initiative in three years, along the national focus on policy communication, facilities Unicom, trade flow, capital circulation, the people connected, deepening cooperation, early harvest has made gratifying. The financial cooperation in the Asian investment bank, as the representative of the Silk Road Fund deepening, a group of influential symbol of the project gradually fall, culture, education, science and technology, tourism, commerce and other non-governmental exchanges. "The Belt and Road" building from scratch, from point to surface, the progress and the results exceeded expectations. "Now, we ‘The Belt and Road’ to see more clearly, more confidence in the firm." Liu Qibao said, "more and more consensus on The Belt and Road accumulation, becoming more and more aware of the spirit of the Silk Road of the precious, feel more and more to build a" The Belt and Road "with the interests of all parties, to see more and more broad prospects for cooperation and win-win. Liu Qibao pointed out that to build a "The Belt and Road", not only to achieve the road to achieve interconnection, more empathy. Over the past three years, China has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with the countries along the line, and the concept of win-win cooperation has been better communicated to each other. The practice shows that strengthening cultural exchanges and cooperation, promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning, to build better bridge soul communication, between the countries along the friendship evergreen tree, a strong positive energy to build a "The Belt and Road". (end)相关的主题文章: