Lanzhou people group Fanpa alliance was established four years to more than 300 new network – in

Lanzhou people group "Fanpa alliance was established four years to more than 300 in the new network for the" Lanzhou Fanpa alliance "to the scene. Li Yalong photo Beijing, Lanzhou, November 14, (Cui Lin Li Yalong) in Gansu Lanzhou, a white-collar, private employers, students and lawyers from all walks of life enthusiasts consisting of "Fanpa alliance" low-key "latent" to the people around. This is a spontaneous public service organization, was established in December 22, 2012 four years so far, they were more than 300 qinzei. Recently, the "Fanpa alliance" launched "action again in LanZhou Railway Station". A middle-aged woman with children as a screen so that people relax, she quickly within a very short time to steal a female passenger’s mobile phone, when she was ready to leave on the occasion, "Fanpa alliance" members swiftly to catch, the female passengers found their lost mobile phone. The middle-aged woman was arrested after a rapid bite the lips to vomit blood, said he has AIDS, while saying he has epilepsy, then claimed that he swallowed the blade, but these "tricks" are "anti union" members see through, to the hospital after directly transferred to public security organs. Stolen mobile phone after the female passenger said, if there is no love of these people, her cell phone is lost, thank you very much for such an organization, for the stability of the social lighting, fever. Because of this special "work", Fanpa alliance members also opened a propaganda anti grilled anti-theft knowledge, promote positive energy society "Lanzhou Fanpa alliance" Sina micro-blog. The platform update record "Fanpa league victories, announced the return stolen goods, and with some useful tips, such as: @ Lanzhou Fanpa alliance to remind you: take good care of their belongings in shopping on the way. Another: the long-term alliance called for volunteers, and suggestions for career advice fanpa. "Lanzhou Fanpa alliance" scout flower (micro-blog name) told reporters that in the implementation of the task, they often encounter danger, but the organization has a record in the public security organs, more important is that this is a positive energy to promote social work "". Four years, "Lanzhou Fanpa alliance" is constantly growing, when people praise as the patron saint of Lanzhou, they humbly respond to this, just want to do something for Lanzhou. "We are the legendary warrior, thief and pickpocket running out of wits, and although the streets and lanes, leaving the audience is a tiny figure, but the moment at the heart of the capital of justice, we are committed to the world!" Whether it is a clue, or a major festival, or a lot of people…… "Lanzhou Fanpa alliance" will carry out "work" in their own way, they pursue you can’t see me, but you know I’m in, their commitment will always exist. (end)相关的主题文章: