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News-and-Society In Los Angeles county California lies a city called Carson. It is north of downtown Los Angeles and is labeled as a medium to large sized city. The population counts in at 89,549 and therefore is the 71st largest .munity in California with 17 different neighborhoods. Carson homes are nice and middle-class homes in this very desirable city. People from all walks in life enjoy the Carson homes, due to it being near Los Angeles and many large cities close by. Highway 110 is linked to Los Angeles from Carson. Carson’s .munity is largely .posed, approximately by half, of manufacturing buildings such as factories, industrial buildings, and refineries as well. Carson became an established city in the year 1968. Before it was voted by a 2 to 1 margin to be.e a city it was just an individual .munity in Los Angeles County. The name was not chosen by such a large margin. Two families were quite predominant in the .munity, the Carsons and the Dominguez. The vote was quite narrow but Carson was chosen. Carson wasted no time at all getting established. Building codes and landscaping laws were quickly put into effect. The city was helped in both appearance and modernization as well. The makeup of Carson’s population is quite varied. The population does not sway one way more than the other in terms of white-collar or blue-collar. The workforce is quite mixed up and equally .posed of all sorts of people. Carson’s workforce is equally .posed of service workers, sales workers, and professionals as well. When broken down into numbers, 6.16% of workers are in management occupations, 9.55% are in sales positions, and 21.48% are in administrative support jobs. Carson’s demographic makeup is also something that ought to be noted. The national average of people who have bachelor’s degrees in the United States is 14.9% and Carson is slightly higher on the scale with 18.07% having an advanced degree of a Bachelor’s or perhaps even higher. In.e levels in Carson in the year 2000 are on par with the rest of the United States with a per person in.e of $17,107. In rankings for California, Carson is on the lower end of the scale. For a family of four, it equals to that of $68,428 annual in.e. Ethnical diversity is not lacking in Carson. People in the city of Carson are mostly .bined of Latino and Hispanic origin with the percentage being 34.9%. It must be noted that people of Latino and Hispanic origin can be any race whatsoever. When broken down into race, the highest number of people are African-American followed by the Asian population. 32.87% of people who live in Carson were born outside of the United States. Language is yet another area where diversity isn’t lacking. English is the most .mon language spoken in the home and others include Spanish, Tagalog, and additional Pacific Island languages as well. Carson is a city that houses the Home Depot Center. This stadium is used by the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team along with it being used for both tennis along with track and field. It is also used for training with the U.S. national soccer team. It is an area where many professional teams play including the Los Angeles Riptide which is a lacrosse team, the Los Angeles Galaxy and C.D. Chivas which are soccer teams, and the Carson Buzz which is a basketball team. With all of these sports teams focusing on playing here, it is no surprise that the Home Depot Center is a major area of attraction. In 1910 Carson was the site of the first air show ever held in the United States. The Wright Brothers held their first flight in Kitty Hawk, NC in 1903. The show was only a mere 7 years after the first flight. The meet was known as the "Great Air Meet". It is now a historical landmark in California. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: