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Korean media said Chinese requirements of tourists to Korea 2 reduce related personnel: not heard of the Sohu News South Korea announced will arrange thad missiles, the increasingly tense relations between China and korea. 25, South Korea, "Central Daily" reported, "the government ordered China will reduce the number of more than 20% tourists visit to South korea". However, the authenticity of the investigation is still questionable. It is reported that this is not the first time the South Korean media accused the Chinese side of the deployment of the South Korea Sade system, and take retaliatory measures. South Korea, "Central Daily" claimed that China’s National Tourism Administration recently meeting instructions: the number of Chinese tourists will be reduced by more than 20% per month, and the number of tourists for the year to develop this year shall not exceed the standard. The report said, according to the South Korean embassy and consulate general, regional travel industry news, last week, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other governments verbally, travel agencies need to formulate "reduction methods and Countermeasures to inform tourists in the area," stop at the group tours promotion "," South Korean local shopping Limited to once a day "and other regulations, violators will be fined 300 thousand yuan. The South Korean authorities and industry analysts believe that this policy for the central government mandate, the reason is the decision to deploy "Sade" system of retaliatory measures against South Korea; or reduce cheap tour strategy. However, the newspaper then pointed out that the scope of a monthly decline of 20% visitors have been considerably more than cheap tours such as shopping, limit, reduce 20% monthly visitors, tourism this year the number of last year shall not exceed the standard, this would be a serious blow to the South Korean economy. South Korean Consulate in China, said the person concerned, it is to come after all, and tend to think that this is China’s response to the deployment of South Korea’s retaliatory measures. South Korea, a tourist attraction, but according to the Global Times reported that the Central Daily reported the authenticity of the report to be verified. China Tourism Administration Information Office official said, never heard of a similar meeting held. It is reported that the relevant staff members are further reflected in the South Korean media reports. A large domestic travel agency responsible for the visa staff said that he has never received any relevant information. "We travel to South Korea, the guests are normal, without any impact". He was surprised by the Korean media reports. This is not the first time, South Korean media accused the Chinese side because of the intervention of the Korean tourism problems. According to the observer network previously reported, South Korean media have accused, "eleven" during the national day of the Chinese tourists was "black house" event, for China media hype, its purpose is to vent the deployment of South Korea Sade’s discontent.相关的主题文章: