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Korean female group of Chinese experts say the PLA major general on the spot to refute the content hint: Mr. Wu Sihuai believes that North Korea in the first half of such a short period of time for the second nuclear test, its overall nuclear manufacturing, nuclear energy is needed for development of international concern. This time we need to sit down and talk about how to solve the problem of North korea. Phoenix September 11, 2016 "World Grand Strategy", the following is the text: Xu Guangyu: North Korea’s security strategy of the whole, I always have a question mark, he can be analyzed from two directions. First, as Lee said, North Korea is very simple from its own security point of view, the development of nuclear weapons, the development of missiles, what is the purpose? I also hit south to prevent, prevent Americans act rashly, this is a possibility. But there are second possibilities? As a spectator, it is easy to produce second possibilities. What do Americans want? I hope North Korea how to do, how to do on North korea. Qiu Zhenhai: what do you mean. Xu Guangyu: what do you mean, Americans want to deploy Sade in korea. Qiu Zhenhai: I see. Xu Guangyu: to improve the anti missile system in Asia, how to do, you need to assume hostility. Qiu Zhenhai: you’re a pawn in the United states. Li Yuzhen: the United States is North Korea’s enemies feel irreconcilable hatred. Qiu Zhenhai: on the face of it, who are your main enemies now, I think you are the most important enemy in China now. Li Yuzhen: the relationship between North Korea and China, will always be a friendship, this relationship will not change, on the issue of Sade, China should strengthen its position against. Qiu Zhenhai: it needs your cooperation. Li Yuzhen: she took North Korea as an excuse. Qiu Zhenhai: you do not cooperate with China, how to solve ah. Li Yuzhen: China now feels that the U.S. troops stationed in South Korea does not threaten China, only the threat of North Korea is not. Qiu Zhenhai: Well, I can’t argue with her. Xu Guangyu: Yes, the problem facing North Korea, the main problem of an economic development, a security, the two are intertwined. On this issue, to promote the development of this issue in the direction of time, North Korea is to rely on who is most likely to achieve such a purpose? From the objective analysis, I am afraid that one hundred people will have 90 people will answer, North Korea should try to move closer to China, with China and China United to solve the problem of the Korean peninsula. Therefore, the six party talks mainly in China, because we all understand that in Northeast Asia only rely on China to play a backbone role. Li Yuzhen: not by Chinese, China in is one of the permanent members of the Security Council, in October 22nd last year, North Korea formally put forward the temporary armistice into a peace agreement, Chinese has no mention of the Security Council to discuss this issue, No. Xu Guangyu: you misunderstood, about Chinese between North Korea and the United States from the armistice agreement to the peace agreement, China is always support, now the problem is that you push this thing, how to promote the law, you are not a moment to an atomic bomb, while an atomic bomb test, you of the peace agreement signed. Qiu Zhenhai: I’m telling you, China is against it. Li Yuzhen: from 1953, in the year of July.相关的主题文章: