Jiangsu No. 92 gasoline 0.12 yuan per lift in fourth cut invictus gaming

Jiangsu 92 gasoline every fourth years within 0.12 years down the Modern Express News (reporter Xu Hongyan) second days after the mid autumn small holiday, the majority of the owners will usher in the welfare of oil prices down. The national development and Reform Commission official website issued the notice of increasing the price of refined oil, from today (September 18th) evening 24, the domestic gasoline and diesel prices (standard products, the same below) were reduced by 155 yuan and 150 yuan per ton. According to the national development and Reform Commission released the domestic refined oil price adjustment information, Jiangsu No. 92 gasoline down 0.12 yuan per liter, from 6.03 yuan to 5.91 yuan. Modern Express reporter learned that this is the fourth time in the year of refined oil prices down, and down to the minimum year. The national average, 90 gasoline per liter down 0.1 yuan, 92 gasoline per liter down 0.11 yuan, 95 down 0.11 yuan, 0 diesel 0.13 yuan per liter down. According to the estimated 50L capacity of the general family car tank, a tank of 92 gasoline will cost 5 yuan and 5 cents less. This also makes the return of multiple oil prices to the "5 yuan" era". In the price adjustment window a (September 1st 24), Jiangsu No. 92 gasoline rose 1 per liter of hair 6, into the 6 yuan era". The reduction, making Jiangsu 92 gasoline once again back to the "5 yuan" era". After the oil price adjustment, the owners of oil costs will decline, with a capacity of 50 liters of small private cars, for example, to fill a box of oil to spend less than 6 dollars. So far, the domestic gasoline and diesel prices have experienced "6 rise 4 fall" and 8 times without adjustment, mainly rising. The next price adjustment window will open at 24 in September 30th.

江苏92号汽油每升降0.12元 年内第四次下调   现代快报讯(记者 徐红艳)中秋小长假后第二天,广大车主将迎来油价下调的福利。国家发改委官网发布上调成品油价格的通知,从今天(9月18日)晚24时起,国内汽、柴油价格(标准品,下同)每吨分别降低155元和150元。根据国家发展改革委公布的国内成品油价格调价信息,江苏92号汽油每升下调0.12元,从6.03元 升,降至5.91元 升。现代快报记者了解到,这是年内成品油价格第四次下调,且下调幅度为年内最小。   全国平均来看,折合90号汽油每升下调0.1元,92号汽油每升下调0.11元,95号下调0.11元,0号柴油每升下调0.13元。按一般家用汽车油箱50L容量估测,加满一箱92号汽油将少花5块5毛钱。这也使得多地油价重返“5元时代”。   在上一个调价窗口(9月1日24时),江苏92号汽油每升涨1毛6,进入“6元时代”。此次下调,使得江苏92号汽油再次重回“5元时代”。本次油价调整后,车主们用油成本将下降,以容量为50升的小型私家车为例,加满一箱油要少花6块钱。到目前为止,国内汽柴油价格年内已经经历了“6涨4跌”以及8次未作调整,主要仍以上涨为主。下一次调价窗口将在9月30日24时开启。相关的主题文章: