Interview with Ying Da ice hockey is a setback for education to change the character of his son (

Interview with Ying Da: ice hockey is a setback for education to change the character of his son [Abstract] in an interview with Tencent sports interview, said: is a setback education, can change the child’s character and appearance. The future is sure to shoot a film of ice hockey theme." [collection] Nizhnekamsk petrochemical VS Kunlun hosonic hosonic third seize the opportunity to win the September 21st Shanghai sports Tencent (the Li Xu) most of the time, when the domestic hockey game, you can see the figure of Ying Da, the famous director now has a role in the broadcast table, such as the British occupation of ice hockey players dy the father and the most hardcore fans. "I’m going to make a film about ice hockey." Ying Da said. Ying Da and his son in the world such as the British dy level continental Hockey League (KHL) of Kunlun Hongxing Vanke dragon team is currently Shanghai Sanlin Bailei Sports Center, the stage has won two consecutive. In the evening of 20 after the game, made a special trip to Shanghai to see his son’s game Ying Da accepted an exclusive interview with Tencent sports. Tencent Sports: you made a special trip from Beijing to see if the British dy game? Ying Da: Yes, I was going to see three games (18, 20, and 22). But at the end of the day and the Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Award conflict, but in October I will come to the home court. Tencent Sports: two games of the 18 and 20, such as dysprosium are to obtain a chance, how to evaluate the performance of the son? Ying Da: I have two games and I feel like I’m running out of time. But I can also understand that our Chinese players in the level and experience is still lacking, the coach at the critical moment there are concerns entirely reasonable. In any case, the ability to train and play in such a team, the opportunity is very rare. Tencent Sports: this level of International Hockey game, but Lin sports center two games attendance is not high. Now sports and entertainment are more and more close, as a famous film director, you have any suggestions for the promotion of ice hockey? Ying Da: I’m in this area, the future will certainly make a film about the theme of ice hockey. But overall, this is only a small part of the development of ice hockey. There was a player’s father is a director, this is just the icing on the cake. To change the face of Chinese ice hockey, so that the stadium is full of spectators, or rely on the appeal of ice hockey itself. Tencent Sports: what are the appeal of ice hockey? Ying Da: I moved a lot of places, more than ten years, I still find its charm. If you use a word to sum up, it can change the child, especially the character and appearance of the boy, in all sports, I think the best hockey. It is a collective project is a man movement, speed and stress, a collision. Another good thing is that hockey will lose, is a setback education. General personal projects, if the child is particularly good practice, may win the old, until one day suddenly lost, he may give up, he collapsed. But in hockey, no one wins. Frustration education is particularly important for children, to reshape the character of only child. Tencent Sports: can you talk about the change in your character? Ying Da: Yingru dy would not like that of a child, but as many of the only child in the family, is too small.相关的主题文章: