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Intermediary sellers admit: you walk by the "routine" of September in Dongguan is currently the most expensive land one after another, the inflection point or mountainside debate, buy the sellers who won or lost the balance, but it is certain that the real estate intermediary to earn a lot. At the same time, Shenzhen off, the local passenger out of the house, and other disputes soared, some intermediary accused of routines deep. The industry does have some routines." A Cheng (request a pseudonym) is a "edge" after 90, not tall, medium build, even in the dog days, put the shirt into trousers strict in demands, this year he will be on hand from the second-hand housing intermediary business to yishoufang. The reporter knew him for four years, usually also friends, intimate, he is willing to talk about the intermediary in the eyes of the routine. "March Dalang Grand Plaza is so check out. Our entire April Shenzhen passengers plummeted. Later, once the industry chaos has been reported, we is a lot of damage." A Cheng said, then his confession, more is good, look forward to the industry to improve the environment: the environment, some of the practices I inevitably walk on the edge, but I really appreciate this industry, also want to do it, so I hope it better." An intermediary, exposing personal information: 1, more than and 200 calls a day, about 32 showings every real estate intermediary to get customers personal information, name, telephone, real estate, this is not an "unknown" secret. We know it’s a gray area, and we have to do it. Get these calls, we start at nine every morning, one by one, "Kim Gu" hit the time of the more than and 200. The reporter confirmed: the reporter saw in A Cheng’s agency, a staff spend list, one by one phone salesman, if rebuffed, making a mark, for a period of time again; if asked the price asked lots, is marked as the key learning object. One day about 32 showings, the results have been good. 2, cross city house: on the "sunk cost" of the psychological warfare how the largest auction house? Of course, the scene showings, in particular, the kind of special point of view of the inter city house, as long as the customer is willing to the past, there is a probability of about three or four, the next is the psychological warfare. I take them to see Huizhou Dongjiang Palace House on the edge of Shilong, 8000 yuan a square metre, usually work to Dongcheng Nancheng also need 1.5 hours to the subway to the bus. Began to see the support of the customer is disappointed, most people hold so far to come, do not come to the white, the psychological change for a disk to look at it again and again for a long time, as if the psychological book called sunk costs". Grind, the guest bought a bite. The reporter confirmed: compared to the guest site subscription, from the sense of crisis is easier to mobilize. In March the Longwan Department of the opening period, shun the bus pulled several car Shenzhen people around, many people said: "model of the housing and the surrounding environment without looking at" directly "grab room" atmosphere scared, the money to the intermediary queue, rush into the room, a few seconds in order to choose. A great white Shenzhen, sales offices in the afternoon to call Nandu reporter broke the news: "in the morning rush to raise the impulse, the afternoon and push, originally did not grab, also not want to call deposit.相关的主题文章: