In addition to the Glenlivet, Chivas also launched a new Sohu and malt whisky

In addition to the Glenlivet, Chivas also launched a new Sohu and malt whisky 60s of last century, when a little boy named Alan in a garage to meet Glenlivet Glenlivet total winemaker Robert? Arthur (Robert Arthur) time, not only did not think that one day he will sit on the seat of Robert, and can’t imagine he will be more barrels of whiskey in half a century after bottling personally. The little boy is now the wine special division Alan gelanwei? Alan Winchester Winchester, he had a dinner in New York on the unveiling of the Glenlivet 50 years Winchester collections (The Glenlivet Winchester Collection) 1966 year single malt whisky. This is the 1964 year launched two years ago for the first 50 years after the Winchester collection, Glenlivet 50 years limited release of second whiskey. This series is the industry’s first 50 year old series of single malt whisky. Similarly, only in the global limited edition of 100 bottles, the retail price of about $25000 per bottle. The difference is that the 1964 American Bourbon barrels, and 1966 in the old aged Shirley single barrel, 48.9% alcohol. In early 1964, the founder of the Glenlivet distillery George? Smith (George Smith) at the end of a seed – family of Bill? Smith? Captain Grant (Bill Smith-Grant) sealed the first whisky aging, which opened the Winchester Collector’s Series 50 years of light brigade. While the 1966 is derived from the Robert Arthur total winemaker year personally filling barrel. Although this series is the current chief winemaker of the famous Alan? The name of Winchester, but instead of saying that the series is a tribute to Alan for, rather than over the past half century Glenlivet served as the wine master, including Robert Arthur, Andrew Shand, a wisdom and skill of all Jim Cryle and Alan Wenchester, the. Because of this, collections in the packaging design of whisky also create a sense of luxury and meticulous spare no effort. A strong sense of line bottle by Scotland famous glass artist Nicola? Burns (Nichola Burns) and Brody (Brodie Nairn) together? Nairn design, and handmade by artisans from the British Isles blown; gems like cork by world famous silver master Richard? Fawkes (Richard Fox) cordial, and the rose gold, smoky quartz and other top materials; gift from Glasgow’s cherry wood craftsman John Calvin (John Galvin) to build?. The first 1966 bottles of course Alan Winchester of all?. He will be donated to the British Institute of technology, for the end of the month in New York)相关的主题文章: