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HUAWEI: the tablet market will not die only innovation to the survival of the fittest – Sohu technology Sohu Wenwang Xue Ying technology recently, HUAWEI tablet M3 held a press conference in Beijing, the official landing on the domestic market, the experience of a major upgrade in the video also can not help themselves. After the meeting, Mr. Wang Yinfeng, President of HUAWEI’s consumer business mobile broadband family product line to the president, Mr. Wan Biao and President of consumer business cloud Services Department and Mr. Su Jie tablet and PC product line received a number of media interviews, sharing the future HUAWEI planning in many aspects. 1 to concentrate on the terminal hardware content distribution one of the highlights of the auxiliary HUAWEI M3 tablet is HUAWEI video log terminal products, users can enjoy video content without advertising, can also get more double rights. At the same time, the service time can be opened to support multiple devices used, content sources, HUAWEI will also provide more content for users to choose to pay. In this regard, the consumer business cloud services CEO Mr. Su said, HUAWEI video has been with foreign and domestic more than and 10 party cooperation, can provide nearly 32 thousand hours of video resources for users, but unlike ordinary video platform, HUAWEI will continue to focus on the terminal hardware, not only relates to the content production, content distribution. The 2 plate will not die innovation to survival of the fittest in view of the current weakness in the global tablet market, HUAWEI said, despite the large screen mobile phone is in continuous extrusion of flat-panel market, but still has its own irreplaceable tablet. In the future, the tablet innovation should focus on the breakthrough of existing ideas and methods". In this regard, HUAWEI consumer business mobile broadband family product line president Wan Biao said that the HUAWEI M3 tablet besides video, a part has been involved in the application of enterprise office, "the tablet computer is not limited to the field of entertainment, the future will bring more experience application scene in the office, outdoor, industry and other fields". In the view of the needs of the market innovation Wan Biao, mining and lead, no good product, no innovative products, the market will naturally disappear. The HUAWEI video first boarded HUAWEI terminal, for example, the content of the service in the hardware, the core is to provide consumers with the ultimate experience, the future of HUAWEI video is expected to log more HUAWEI terminal. At the same time, HUAWEI tablet M3 this core is based on the continuation of the main push video experience, but also to meet the demands of the mobile office scene. 3 5100mAh battery life is seemingly small but rely on technology as a portable entertainment products, HUAWEI tablet M3 battery capacity is 5100mAh, for users to worry about the battery life is too short, Mr. President Wang Yinfeng tablet with the PC product line is the confidence. He pointed out that the greater the capacity of the battery must be on flat standby time of help, but HUAWEI tablet M3 5100mAh battery can support 11 hours of battery life, about 6 hours of the game, about 45 hours of music playback are pressure. To this end, HUAWEI uses a lot of low-power technology, including HUAWEI’s unique CPU technology, in the CPU power processing.相关的主题文章: