Huaibei big dog kills puppy causing dog

Huaibei: big dog bite dog dog owners triggered war Huaibei news network news park when the dog reared a sand accidentaly across, the big dog unexpectedly Zhao dogs bite to death, but refused to compensate a sand. When two people not dispute, conflict escalation trend, police patrol this point, after police mediation, the two reached a compensation agreement, shake hands. The evening of October 31st, Gao Yue community police station in the vicinity of the patrol to Ma Zhuang ecological park, found that about 20 people were fan-shaped huddled together, the crowd came the sound of a quarrel from time to time. Police immediately stepped forward to ask, that residents Zhao after dinner when the dog met the same dog in a sand, sand of a big dog Zhao dog killed, and sand a reluctant to make any compensation, so the two sides dispute, tense. The police was informed that the first is advised to leave the crowd, immediately launched a mediation work: first let the parties to calm down, and then to be able to rationally analyze and face the problem; then the police pointed out that sand because of not take good care of their dogs cause adverse consequences of Zhao’s dog was killed, let a sand aware of their failure to make the duty of care for the pets, which should bear the consequences; then the police on the amount of compensation that when the parties in coordination. Eventually the police patiently communication mediation, the two sides agreed by the sand of a Zhao 500 yuan compensation for money, both sides are no longer held on the matter. Zhao on the processing result is satisfied, and again thank the police dedicated mediation work. This civil dispute mediation success. Police remind the dog who had two dogs estrus every year: Spring Autumn 3-5 month, 9-11 month. Irritable temper, more aggressive. A lot of attention in this dog to remind people, take preventive measures, take care of their pets, but also to prevent its harm to people or other pets. At the same time, people should consciously maintain civilized habits: pets are dogs to timely vaccination; pay attention to the observation of the dog, essential daily inspection, to ensure that when the dog had some abnormal reaction time can be found in time, to avoid causing more accidents; should be set out walking the dog on the ropes, prevent the dog crazy. Found two dog bite, should be timely to separate them; in residential buildings in the dog should be more cautious. There are many areas are closed corridor, many dogs of household convenience, will be directly tied to the corridor on the dog. It is possible to scare downstairs tenants, is not conducive to cleaning the corridor. Reporter correspondent Zhu Dong Liu Dongpo

淮北:大狗咬死小狗 引发狗主大战   淮北新闻网消息 公园遛狗时不期而遇,沙某饲养的大狗竟将赵某饲养的小狗咬伤致死,但沙某拒绝赔偿。正当两人争执不下,冲突有升级趋势时,民警巡逻至此,经过民警调解,两人达成了赔偿协议,握手言和。   10月31日傍晚,高岳派出所社区民警在巡逻至马庄生态园附近时,发现约有20余人呈扇形围聚在一起,人群之中不时传出争吵声。   民警立即上前进行询问,得知居民赵某饭后遛狗时,遇见了同样在遛狗的沙某,沙某的大狗将赵某的小狗咬死,且沙某不愿做任何赔偿,双方因此争执不下,气氛紧张。   民警获悉后,先是劝离了围观的群众,随即展开了调解工作:首先让当事双方冷静下来,进而能够理智地分析和面对眼前的问题;然后民警指出沙某因未看管好自己的狗导致赵某的狗被咬死的不良后果,让沙某认识到自己未能尽到对宠物的看管责任,从而应承担由此带来的后果;随后民警就赔偿金额一事在当事双方中进行协调。   最终在民警耐心细致地沟通调解下,双方达成一致,由沙某赔偿赵某500元钱,双方对此事均不再追究。赵某对处理结果表示满意,并再三感谢民警尽心尽力的调解工作。一起民事纠纷就此调解成功。   民警提醒养狗人士,犬类每年有两段发情期:春季3-5月份,秋季的9-11月份。脾气容易暴躁,比较具有攻击性。在这提醒养狗的人家多多注意,做好防范措施,爱护自己宠物,同时也要防止它伤害到人或者别的宠物。   同时建议市民应自觉地保持文明饲养宠物的习惯:要及时为犬类进行疫苗注射;要随时注意观察狗的情况,日常检查等必不可少,确保当狗有一些异常反应时能及时发现,以免酿成更大的事故;外出遛狗时应套上绳索,防止狗发狂。发现两狗相咬时,应及时将它们分开;在居民楼里养狗应更加谨慎。现在有很多小区都是封闭式楼道,许多养狗的住户贪图方便,将狗直接拴在楼道上。这样很有可能惊吓到上下楼的住户,也不利于楼道的卫生保洁。   记者 朱冬 通讯员 刘东坡相关的主题文章: