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Home-and-Family If you want to keep your family’s photo memories looking good in their picture frames for years, you need to properly care for them. Learn how to help protect and care for your pictures frames by doing these two simple steps. Reproduce Your One-of-a-Kind Photographs This may be the most important tip you will ever receive. Think of your wedding photo on the mantel in its beautiful sterling silver picture frame. What if something should happen to it? If that is the only picture you have, your wedding day photo will be lost. Although today’s technology and .puter stored images are great, there is no better way of protecting your photos then making extra printed copies of them. Old family photos may be your only reminder of family members. Protect those photographs by having them professionally duplicated. This not only protects them from being lost forever but the copies can then be shared with other family members. Nowadays important pictures may be stored on a disc, but you should consider making an extra copy of any picture you wouldn’t want to lose, just in case the disc gets damaged. Choose a safe, dry location for your pictures, and remember to never store your original photos in the same place as the copies. Consider storing them at a family member’s house so both sets of image aren’t in the same location. You may also want to consider a safe deposit box so you will feel secure in knowing your pictures are safe. Clean Your Frames Regularly Just like every item in your home, frames collect dust and need to be cleaned regularly. Dust that accumulates on your frame will eventually work its way inside the picture frame leaving the frame and picture looking dirty. The easiest way to keep your frame looking good is by regularly dusting it with a damp cloth. If your picture frame needs more cleaning than a quick dusting, a more thorough cleaning job requires removing the glass and picture. You can clean the picture frame inside and out by removing the frame backing. Remember when placing a frame face down when cleaning to always lay the frame on a soft, thick towel to avoid damaging the glass or scratching the metal or wood. Once the picture and glass have been removed from the frame, thoroughly clean the glass. Use a soft cloth to clean the glass instead of paper towels, which can leave an acid residue that over time can damage your picture. Depending upon the type of material your picture frame is made out of will determine how you should clean it. Wood frames .e in mainly two types of finishes- unfinished and finished. For wood frames, with a rough or unfinished surface where the bare wood is exposed you should be very careful when cleaning and never use water or cleaner as this could stain the frame. For unfinished wood frames, the safest way is to vacuum them. Be careful of using a dry cloth on an unfinished wood frame as it could leave tiny pieces of the cloth behind. For finished frames that have a lacquer or furniture-like finish, you can use a damp cloth or dust cleaner. Make sure to never leave the picture in place while cleaning your picture frame with any kind of cleaner or liquid. This will avoid any chance of damaging your picture. For metal picture frames, such as aluminum, steel, silver plated frames, pewter or sterling silver frames, they only require a damp towel to wipe it down. That’s because most new metal frames either don’t tarnish or they’re coated with a lacquer coating that prevents tarnishing. For the majority of these frames its best just using a damp cloth moistened with water to keep them clean because using a cleaner could actually damage your metal frame by removing the finish or lacquer. If you do have a badly tarnished frame, then you’ll want to use a high quality metal or silver cleaner. Generally for older solid pewter frames or sterling silver frames that are tarnished, a silver cleaner should do the trick to remove the tarnish. Be sure to carefully follow the directions on the bottle. You should always test a small portion of the frame, where it can’t be seen, to make sure the cleaner won’t damage your picture frame. Again, even if you have a sterling silver, pewter or silver plated frame only use a silver cleaner if the frame is tarnished because most new silver or pewter frames have a lacquer coating so the frame will keep its beautiful silver finish. If you’ve taken apart your picture frame to clean, make sure your frame and glass are .pletely dry. Any moisture in the frame or on the glass can damage your picture so you want to be certain it’s had time to dry before putting it back. By following these simple steps, you can protect your picture frame and keep it looking great for years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: