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Internet-and-Business-Online To create a successful business, you really need to know how to build a good relationship with your customers. When I say a good relationship, what I mean is a relationship that’s based on trust. Your customer will trust everything you say to him/her and they won’t purchase from your competitor. Good and trusting relationships with your customers cannot be built without communication. If you don t communicate with your customers, will not be able to have a good relationship with them. Other things that are just as important are the way you think about your prospects and your attitude towards them. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you and your staff are working with your customers: 1. Show your customers that you appreciate them and you appreciate their business. Everyone loves to feel appreciated. Telling your customers you appreciate them will create a bond with them and they’ll trust you. And, it is important for you to tell them every time you communicate with them, not only once. If they hear that from you on a consistent basis, they will realize that you truly do appreciate them. One method of showing appreciation is offering your customers a customer appreciation sale or possibly a gift. This will make them feel special because you are offering them special consideration. 2. Show your customers that you really care about them. Any time a customer has an issue or a problem, it is important for you to make yourself available to them to resolve what has to be resolved. Another thing to consider is that any concern that a customer has is a big deal. Don’t belittle your customers’ concerns. If you won’t show concern, they could deal with somebody else who will. If your primary responsibility is your customer, it will be so simple for you to build that trusting relationship. Make sure your customer is satisfied. 3. Be humble. Specifically what does this mean? This means that everyone makes mistakes and you should always admit your mistakes immediately. If your customer is mistaken, humbly apologize and after that direct them to the specific area where you have your policies stated or there is information about your products that perhaps they did not see. Should you have a customer who might be wrong, it is preferred to give a solution than it is to refuse assistance to them. If your company has made the mistake, admit the error and offer to compensate your customer for his or her inconvenience. Word will spread concerning your good customer service. 4. Be generous with your customers. If a customer is due a refund, refund their money immediately. This will be very effective in showing your customers that they can trust you. If you make it difficult for your customers to receive refund, they will remember that therefore you will probably not get any of their business in the future. I actually have gotten words of praise from customers after providing them with a prompt refund. They remember that and they are still my customers. Your customers will buy more from you once they understand that you guarantee your product and will guarantee that they’re satisfied. 5. Always show respect to your customers. Don’t think of them as just a group of people or a mailing list. Don’t be blinded by dollar signs and the bottom line. Remember that your business is showing good results due to customers. When you send out an email to them letting them know about a special sale, use their name. Doing this will show them the fact that you care and they are very special to you. If you follow these guidelines, you will be successful in building good relationships with your customers. Just remember to show concern, humility, appreciation, generosity and respect and you’ll build a trusting relationship with everyone you deal with. And once you build that trusting relationship with your customers, you will build a solid foundation for your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: