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Writing-and-Speaking Did you ever think that a day would come when you could publish your own book and get it before millions of potential buyers? Well, that day is well and truly here – it’s never been easier to publish with Amazon and reach for the stars. So, right off the bat, how does publishing a book with Amazon compare with what most of us would call the conventional? Benefits Well, first and foremost, there’s the benefit that comes with not having to invest massive amounts of money on inventory in advance. Publishing to Amazon means taking all orders in the form of digital requests for your book, that is you can print them in as limited numbers as you need and never run the risk of going OUT and thus wasting money. Next up, not only is the Amazon publisher able to set his or her own price for their book or books, but they are also able to make use of free publishing and royalties as high as 70% for every copy sold. Moreover, all you need in order to get your book in front of a global market is an Amazon account and a manuscript – all the technical details are taken care of behind the scenes by those in the know. Amazon publish books on behalf of thousands of people every week and know what they’re doing better than any other authority on Earth. How do you publish a book on Amazon? The process by which to publish to Amazon really couldn’t be easier and is done through Amazon subsidiary CreateSpace. Put simply, it is all a case of opening the necessary account, which is free of charge, producing a manuscript of the kind of quality you know will sell, and then handing over the publishing duties to Amazon. Even eBook publish costs can be huge with some companies, but with Amazon, it’s about as risk-free as it gets and the rewards can be enormous. What’s more, you also have full control of your book and your account at all time; therefore, can influence where it’s sold, how and for what price, as and when you wish. The Amazon publish service really is unlike any on the web today and has already produced an immeasurable number of best-sellers, and more importantly, you will get all the assistance you need in getting acquainted with how do you publish a book on Amazon. To conclude – if you’ve got the talent, they’ve got the know-how to get your name in lights like it deserves to be. Copyright (c) 2013 A Mikhiel About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: