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How big is the ticket to the United States?   Volkswagen is very nervous stock crash – People’s car – People’s original title: how much the United States ticket? Volkswagen is very nervous stocks plummeted German Volkswagen CEO Mathias, 29, said on the 20th, Volkswagen is expected to reach the United States government before the end of the discharge gate fine agreement with the U.S. government. Miller attended the day of the world’s major auto show, one of the Paris auto show. He told the media that the company admitted that he had made a serious mistake, so that the past year, and Germany, Europe and the United States government departments conducted a constructive dialogue". Miller hopes to know all the findings in the near future". [Mass] ticket affects the US Department of justice is the "nerve discharge door" out of a multibillion dollar ticket this week that a public stock plummeted. Justice Department spokesman declined to comment. Reuters reported on August, the public and the United States Department of justice has been on the emissions of judicial investigation preliminary negotiations. In recent weeks, negotiations continue, but when the end of the news. In September 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency identified mass installation specifically to cope with emissions testing on the part of the diesel car, cheating software, so the vehicle can pass to a high standard in the car when driving at ordinary times but large pollutants. Earlier this month, a public engineer admitted that the U.S. Justice Department in the United States and the Department of justice in the "door to door" in the case of conspiracy allegations, expressed willingness to cooperate with the U.S. Department of justice investigation. In June this year, Volkswagen to a San Francisco federal court to submit "the discharge gate" settlement agreement, Volkswagen agreed to pay about $15 billion for the American market, repo involving nearly 480 thousand vehicles in 2 liter diesel vehicles, compensation for the owners, as well as the establishment of environmental compensation fund. Miller expressed concern about possible subsequent fine. "We have reached a high cost of civil reconciliation," he said. "We have made arrangements for all the consequences we will face, including fines, environmental programs, and compensation…… We don’t even know if the money is enough." Volkswagen has been to solve the emission gate $20 billion for the payment of civil reconciliation programs and the European Union, the United States and other regulatory agencies issued a ticket. Miller said, the public company faces is not money "bleeding", "we lost the trust of consumers, now we will try to win it back, but easy to lose, but it takes longer to win back". But Miller and the mass of global brand director Herbert Diskin said? The public did not intend to give up the diesel vehicle, is likely to continue in the U.S. market sales of diesel vehicles. [at] the electric car Volkswagen executives at the Paris auto show a high-profile promotion public electric vehicle. "The turning point of the electric car trip into the mainstream will appear at some point in the future, but I don’t know when, maybe 2030 or 2035," Miller said. Volkswagen’s competitive goals directed at the United States Tesla, but Miller is reluctant to Tesla and the public in the same breath. How many cars do they sell each year? 50 thousand cars. Do you know how much people sell for a year? 10)相关的主题文章: