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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews We are frequently asked by some problems of aftermarket Honda Navigation DVD . Now we gather some frequent questions and related solutions. Wish it can help you solve the problem! Q1. I changed the battery in my Honda ridgeline and I do not have the key disc to reset the Eclipse navigation system. How can I reset the system without the disc? A1: if you press the menu button and zoom down button at the same time, the system diagnostic menus comes up. After some self checks, you will come up wit a screen where one of the choices is "clear backup". If you chose this, a message will appear that this will clear the SRAM (memory) and reset the system. Press OK and it will ask you for the language Q2: Is it possible to install a pioneer in dash navigation/DVD player in 2003 Honda civic? A2: If you want the in dash DVD you have to go with the flip out, and since you can close the screen in an unfamiliar neighborhood you are less likely to get jacked Q3:I have a 2005 Honda accord with radio/navigation and no preset numbers underneath..I disconnected the battery and now I am ready to input the codes.When ever i turn on the car it ask for a 4 digit security code for the navigation and i put it in and it works fine but never did i see a place to input the radio security code and the radio is non responsive. How do you get the radio to ask for its code? A3: Using the Steering Wheel remote Control Turn on the radio and the display will show ‘CODE’ Use the Steering Wheel Remote Q4: I have a 2007 Honda navigation DVD player and I am asking for a code. What is the code and or how do I get it? A4: Check inside the wall your glove box first. Sometime the Honda dealer will place a white sticker with your code of the navigation. If not, the navigation unit is located in the ceiling of truck area between the speakers. It looks like a CD player. Pull it out and you can get the screen on it. Just call you Honda dealer and give them the code. And they should be able to give you the code. Otherwise you can also call Honda and they will give it to you as soon as you satisfy them that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle. Q5: Gather’s audio with 2 Din Honda Civic DVD Navigation . The screen does not function, only writings in Japanese. What can i do? A5: If the screen didnt appear the language list, a message will appear that this will clear the SRAM (memory) and reset the system. Press OK and it will ask you for the language list. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: