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Guangzhou profit growth of over 1 times the "bright spot" trumpchi raised the annual sales target of the auto – Sohu Mr. Road (micro signal: dadaozatan) the evening of August 26th, Guangzhou Automobile Group released the 2016 interim report, the first half of this year, the group achieved operating income of 21 billion 429 million yuan, an increase of 87.15%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 3 billion 981 million yuan an increase of 127.49%, basic earnings per share 0.62 yuan. Road (micro signal: dadaozatan) noted that the substantial increase in performance, mainly because of its own performance in drag back business this year GAMC sustained rapid growth, sales volume increased significantly compared with the previous year 132.84% and 143.47%. In August 27th at the "no corners trumpchi world" in the sixth season of Beijing Railway Station activities, GAC trumpchi deputy manager of North China Lin Hui introduced to the District, the first 7 months of this year the GAC trumpchi sales grew 161%, equivalent to 2015 full year sales. The road (micro signal: dadaozatan) from the GAC trumpchi official department learned that the company has already raised at the beginning of the formulation of the annual sales target of 300 thousand vehicles, to the annual sales of more than 350 thousand. The GAC trumpchi force according to the introduction, the first half of this year, Guangzhou Automobile Group car sales totaled 731 thousand and 900 vehicles, an increase of 28.74%, the car sales year-on-year growth higher than the industry average level of about 20 percentage points. It is reported that Guangzhou Automobile Group achieved good results is the main reason, the company independent brand passenger car production and sales growth over the same period last year, a substantial increase of 132.84% and 143.47%, trumpchi GS became the independent brand of star products; and the joint venture Highlander, bin Chi and free light models continued selling, driving the overall sales growth. Promote the steady improvement in performance; in addition, the independent brand and the joint venture sales promotion, Guangzhou automobile group industry chain of financial services, automotive parts and trade and business matching corresponding to expand, promote the growth performance of the company. Avenue (micro signal: dadaozatan) learned that the first half of Guangzhou City, the focus of the development of key projects, products, production capacity to accelerate the overall expansion of industrial structure and business layout to further optimize. Guangzhou TOYOTA, Guangzhou three line project Guangzhou branch project, Fick GAMC production capacity expansion project, GAMC Hangzhou project according to the plan smoothly. The first half of the financial and automotive companies to build the Internet Ecosystem projects have achieved an important breakthrough, the financial company Chinese CBRC approval to raise, become the Guangzhou municipal state-owned enterprises in second approved to build corporate finance company; the company also with LETV holdings, Zhongcheng insurance jointly set up King technology, together with the construction of automobile Internet Ecosystem open sharing the. Trumpchi GAS 200T listed in August 27th, "no corners trumpchi world" in the sixth season of Beijing Railway Station opened, as a set of user experience, GAC trumpchi build group purchase promotion as one of the brand, "no trumpchi corners of the world" has been successfully held.相关的主题文章: