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Guangdong Media: China is not sentenced to death for three conservative Gao Hongbo [information] China home court 0-1 Syria Gu Chao attack errors gifts and hope? Yesterday, the country was originally planned to resume training outdoors in the grasslands, but may be affected by the previous night to lose the game, in order to ease the pressure on the players, training in the room. The team is in good shape, with no injuries. According to the plan, the team will charter flights to Uzbekistan, the capital of Tashkent today, preparing for the October 11th away game against Uzbekistan. Home defeat to Syria, the team morale, public opinion atmosphere is also very pessimistic, Gao Hongbo also had to bear enormous pressure. In the home team in the sixth team to lose, really can not give the outside world what confidence. But the reality is that the Chinese team has not been sentenced to death. At present, the Chinese team behind the group of third points in Uzbekistan, there are still 7 games, including the direct confrontation between the two, the Chinese team is still far from mind to relax and give up when the. It is precisely because of 5 points behind, in October 11th, this guest Uzbekistan game, will become a true sense of life and death battle. Once the Chinese team can get 3 points away from home, then the gap with Uzbekistan will be reduced to 2 points, it is still possible. Once lost, it fell behind 8 points in Uzbekistan, you can come to a conclusion: out early. As for a draw, will be meaningless, if Qatar home court against Syria Chinese team will bottom group. To seem to fight to win or die, not too mature enough, will be a huge challenge. If Syria battle of Gao Hongbo’s thoughts is to win kiasu, timid, so will the Ukraine is a bigger problem. Strive for 3 points is a necessary attitude, but how to fight, it is a huge problem, especially for Gao Hongbo, this conservative coach, the problem will be more complicated. It will be at the twelve Qiangsailidi time using four defenders? Is it possible for the player to return to 4231 after playing three games in the back of the five? Do you want to continue using the super? Do you want to change back? Zhang Linpeng accumulated yellow card suspension, whether it will affect the situation as a whole?…… Under this situation, Gao Hongbo’s every choice will be of concern, but the pressure is not given to the outside world, the Chinese team lost to the reality caused by Syria. Uzbekistan lost to Iran in the third round, the state is not so good. Zhang Linpeng suspended, but the opponent’s main defender and midfielder izmailov Heinrich accumulated yellow card suspension, the lineup is not complete, there are hidden dangers. Now the biggest problem is that the Chinese team will not attack, almost no system of offensive capability, only to fight back. But the Iran team is also a good defensive basis, by placement in Tashkent to get three points. To the status quo, the victory of Iran may have the most significance. Nandu reporter Feng Zhen world outlook even foreign audiences could not stand China team in the home court 0 to 1 loss to Syria, the British media reported, "the sun" to seize the opportunity, words bitterly criticized the overall ecological environment of the China football. China is regarded as the next global football, according to the sun相关的主题文章: