Giant Amber Stone half a meter long weighing 50 kg or break the world

Giant Amber Stone half a meter long weighing 50 kg or break the world record in September 15, according to foreign media reports, a large collection of amber collectors Singapore pieces of Amber Stone, most of the weight up to 50.4 kilograms, is now applying for the Guinness world record. The Amber Stone 55 cm long, 50 cm wide, 42 cm high, at least 15 million years old at the beginning of this year, a coal mine in Indonesia’s Sumatra island found. Data chart. Amber. The 56 year old collectors Vanjose said in an interview, he is to buy friends, then inadvertently found the amber have, the largest amber Guinness record than the current recorded heavier. He said: "at first I did not realize the importance of this piece of amber, until a chance to see the Guinness record article, just know Copenhagen Museum 47.5 kilograms of amber is the largest in the world." Data figure: Amber crafts. The agency issued photo of Futian in Denmark Museum of Copenhagen in 2014 collections, on the island of Sumatra, 57.5 cm long, 62 cm wide, 37 cm high, an estimated 1500 to 20 million years of history. Amber is dripping resin 45 million years ago to 99 million years ago, conifers, buried in the ground for thousands of years, in the form of Petrochemical Pressure and thermal effect. It has a variety of shapes, the surface is often retained when the resin flow generated lines, often seen inside the bubble and ancient insects, animals or plant debris, often made into ornaments, jewelry and perfume.相关的主题文章: