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Art Deco users increasingly high morale, two consecutive days competing in more than 170 single Chang lot4073 (1899-1983) two imitation stone landscape paper colors 136x67cm vertical price: $632500: the fall of the inscription Zhang Aiqian love India India: Chang Daqian   the thirty-sixth Beijing poly auction and Chinese painting and Calligraphy Art Deco synchronization take again to cooperate, the honored guests and many collectors. Art code sync shoot users increasingly competitive bidding frequency. Two consecutive days of the racket, the arts and crafts synchronization beat fierce competition, wonderful again and again. The first day of the four session of the "Yi Shuang autumn — contemporary ink and easel painting", "Yi Shuang autumn — contemporary ink and easel painting", "pot gull waves — the scholar and his era" and "Wordsworth — Chinese modern painting (two)" a total turnover of more than 80 single after the warm-up, and ushered in the climax. Second days of intense competition in the competition for more than more than a single, Zhang Daqian works, imitation of the two stone landscape by the art code sync users to capture the price of 633 thousand won the next 90. Beijing poly phase thirty-sixth boutique auction transaction confirmation lot3390 Wu Qinmu (1894-1953) Cui Xiuyan floating paper colors 135x68cm vertical price: $115000: the first month of cold spring Kuanshi Maple lay Wu Qin wood in the Sudeten calligrap wood     lot3543 Qi Baishi (1864-1597) think paper colors Mirror Heart 18x52cm price $115000: Kuanshi Shangqian brother is painted white ink stone man calligrap Muren by mountains Weng  相关的主题文章: