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UnCategorized Actually nothing is entirely free. If you wish to invest little or no money into marketing your site, then you will have to spend a lot of time, energy and show some creativity. I am sure there are other free and inexpensive ways to advertise on line in addition to those described in this article. I will try to research them and update this article as often as possible. 1.) Email Marketing Use your site address as your Email signature. In addition to the address, you should also provide a short but meaningful description of the web site. (Example: -Top Job Search Engines And Career Advice ). 2.) Business Cards, Signs & Gifts Web Master ( that is you ) can print business cards stating information about your web site. Vista Print ( offers free business cards. You pay only for shipping. When you meet people and tell them about the site, you should also give them cards with your web address. It is also a good idea to buy inexpensive small magnetic signs with your web site address and short description, and attach them to your car. Other options for car advertisement are customized frame around your tags and bumper sticker. Mugs, pen and other gifts with your site information are often used to promote web sites. 3.) Reciprocal Links Find web pages similar to yours and ask for reciprocal links (they mention your site at their links page or elsewhere while you do the same at your site.) If you are lucky to have relatives or friends with established, high traffic web sites, ask them to place an ad or link at their site. Don’t place link to your site at FFA ("Free For All") pages where you can have link to your site among millions of others. It is useless and some search engines may even penalize you for doing it. 4.) Ezines Another way to market your web site is through Ezines. Ezine is Email newsletter. Some Ezines have 1000s of subscribers while others have only 100s. Usually Ezine Ads are inexpensive. Locate Ezines with content similar to your site and find out how much it costs to place an ad. One can also offer to write articles in exchange for free or discounted ads. You can find Ezine directory at or just type "Ezine Directory" in any search engine, and you will have a list of other Ezine directories. 5.) Message Boards And Chat Rooms Message boards and chat rooms might be good tools to promote web page. One major mistake that many web masters make is to go to message board and just drop message with your web site address. Instead, you should locate chat rooms and message boards with interests similar to your site, introduce yourself, participate in discussions, and then mention your site. This way you will show genuine interest and get acquainted with prospective visitors to your site. Getting visitors to your site is only part of success. People will not stay long and will not come back if there is no quality content which is updated often. I don’t care what your site is about, it must have articles or useful up to date information. If you sell shoes on your site, write an article on how to choose shoes. In case your site is about boxing, write about boxers or fights. Content can make or break your site. If people like your content, they will recommend it to others, and you will get many additional visitors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: