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Fosun creation, Neverland landing in Sanya Haitang bay! – Sohu Atlantis Atlantis themed hotel, a model of prehistoric Atlantis civilization, the world of luxury and luxury experience in one, is a place of pilgrimage for the global resort. In addition to the world’s attention to Dubai, the Bahamas, Atlantis, the world’s third Atlantis in Sanya, China Haitang bay. The imagination of the founder of Sanya Fosun Group invested by Atlantis Fosun Group, Fosun Group is an important part of happy fashion plate. Fosun Group aims to create a happy happy fashion plate fashion ecosystem with the integration of global industries, it has a stake in Club Med, Fosun Thomas Cook, Alma Lasers, born in joint projects, covering movies, hotels, clubs, fashion and other high-end consumer sector. The investment in the construction of Sanya is precisely the layout of the high-end tourism industry, and to play a synergistic effect with the above areas. Have China Fosun’s most abundant tourism resources, can not only ensure the successful development of Atlantis resort, related to their field of investment has also become the strongest integrated resort resources Fosun group. As the most Chinese Fosun international investment institutions successful, the enterprise strength and brand is the best guarantee of the quality of the project and supporting the implementation of the Sanya Atlantis, to maximize the tourists and investors to provide integrated services and enhance the value of the property on holiday. Beyond the former Atlantis as Sanya Fosun Group invested nearly 11 billion yuan of large tourism real estate projects, Sanya ranked the "Atlantis National Seashore Haitang Bay, a total construction area of 530000?, Collection Hotel, entertainment, dining and shopping, entertainment, high-end property, international marine culture exhibition and the characteristics of experience 8 rich formats in one. It is reported that Sanya not only has 5 water Atlantis of the suite, the one and only the world’s largest open-air natural seawater aquarium, home will be the first building and slide the combination of water park, also will have the first use of natural seawater Chinese Puerto Galera and 12 different flavors of international theme restaurant, will completely refresh the world the high-end vacation experience. The high-end tourist resort industry in Sanya of Atlantis, will continue to create value beyond imagination, in accordance with the operation of the first two seat of Atlantis, Sanya will swallow up Atlantis or the Asia Pacific top holiday market share is huge. The one and only the top sale of property of course, the most attractive to investors is Sanya global Atlantis to sell the property, 807 seats, 197 seats overlooking sea sea villa apartment. The sale of the property, that is, to enjoy the trust of innovative seamless hosting business model, will give investors greater freedom and higher returns. The construction of 807 seats [Obama] Extreme Sea View Apartments apartment 17 meters high standard on the first floor, the 2 floor to see the sea, to give maximum viewing perspective, the beautiful sea view window can be seen. The waves fall asleep, wonderful vacation time. [suite] as much as possible to have more suites, rather than more rooms; as far as possible the full suite,.相关的主题文章: