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Home-and-Family Although living in the city meant sacrificing space, it seemed worth it to me. In fact, I quickly learned a few key tips and tricks for maximising what space I had. In no time, I was able to live .fortably in the city and had plenty of room. The Struggle For Space – I preferred not to give up my city apartment for a larger one based in the surrounding suburbs despite the high rent that I was paying. Yet my belongings were increasing by the day, and I didn’t want to part with any of them. As far as having friends over, I was .pletely out of luck – there simply wasn’t enough room. Quite often when attending parties and get togethers at friends homes, I started to pay attention to the ways that they managed to create additional living spaces. Although I picked up a few hints and tips from some of my friends, nothing made as large of an impression on me as one of my friends Murphy Wall Beds. How I Increased My Living Space – I’d always thought of Murphy wall beds as rather ugly, unattractive things featured in old, outdated movies. My friend Meredith, though, had one that was downright elegant. When folded up into the wall, the bed became a bookshelf that blended in seamlessly with the rest of the room. By day, Meredith used her bedroom as a home office; by night, she slept in it. I was so impressed, I immediately starting researching the different styles that were available and quickly chose one that matched my existing theme and decor perfectly. It was surprisingly affordable, too; I was able to have installed in no time. I Enjoy My Apartment Again – Thanks to my Murphy wall bed, my bedroom now doubles as a living area too. I can finally host parties at my apartment, instead of always attending them at other people’s homes. When I’m not sleeping, my bed is folded up and my apartment feels so incredibly spacious. I no longer feel claustrophobic or squeezed in with my belongings; there is finally room to breathe. Instead of relocating or getting rid of some of my things, I have discovered the best solution possible. Thanks to my Murphy wall bed, I can continue to enjoy living in the heart of the city without sacrificing .fort or space; it was one of the best investments I ever made. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: