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Finance and acquisition of Lenovo’s real estate business involved in the amount of over 13 billion 600 million yuan in the new network, September,, yesterday, Legend Holdings and China jointly announced the signing of a strategic cooperation framework agreement to achieve strong cooperation. The agreement shows that Lenovo will SUNAC real estate transfer except assets liabilities and equity related section information center of the park’s total assets, liabilities and equity, the transaction involving an amount of about 13 billion 650 million yuan, the relevant business will be injected into the financial innovation subsidiary in. After the completion of the transaction, financial innovation and Raycom will integrate their strategy development, enterprise management, professional talents and products and regional coverage of comprehensive strength, strong development. At the same time, this also means that Lenovo holdings focus on consumer and service strategy to further promote and implement. Lenovo holdings continue to promote win-win development strategy focus is reported as a large investment group Chinese leading, Lenovo uses a unique "strategic investment + financial investment driven business model, grasp the important theme of China economic development, with a flexible investment style and rich management experience, to create a number of influential excellent enterprises in many fields. Its latest earnings report, in the first half of 2016, Lenovo holdings total revenue of more than 130 billion yuan. Both as a senior real estate business Lenovo Holdings subsidiary, has formed a city business layout. In 2015, the annual income of more than 10 billion yuan raycom. Chong Chong China is a professional engaged in residential and commercial real estate comprehensive development of enterprises, in 2015 ranked China’s top ninth real estate sales enterprises. The first half of 2016 financial record sales amount of 56 billion 50 million yuan, an increase of 106%, domestic housing prices jumped to eighth sales charts; the first half of the average sales price of 18850 yuan contract for square meters, the highest price of product of domestic TOP20 enterprises, shows the unique advantages in SUNAC luxury development in the field of competitive strength and high in the customers the identity of the. In view of the company’s strong strength and market performance, is expected in 2016 will become the new billion housing prices. "We are very pleased with the financial record section can work together into an imaginative development era." Legend Holdings, said the cooperation is also an important strategic initiatives Lenovo holdings. The need for economic development trend China insight and enterprises based on their own development, Lenovo holdings will focus on strategic investment business financial services, medical services, food and agriculture as well as innovation and consumption of new economic growth engine, and through the management and service, help enterprises to realize its value jumped." Data show that in the first half of 2016, Lenovo holdings’s strategic investment business in the focus areas have achieved rapid growth, corporate value is continuing to release. Double "thaw" together again to expand the development of financial innovation in recent years, "joint venture", "cooperation", "merger" has become an important mode of development of real estate industry, some prospective brand strategy, brand choice in the region, with complementary ability of Real Estate Company mergers and acquisitions, to continue to expand the advantages of development, establishment of the Co.相关的主题文章: