Final Fantasy 15 hero beauty face, before and after photos

"Final Fantasy 15" hero beauty face, before and after the stranger to controversy with "Final Fantasy 15" the game player will not feel the "Luna freyja" exquisite appearance, as the woman protagonist numerous ring powder. However, in this year’s TGS show, "Final Fantasy 15" Luna freyja image has obvious changes, many Japanese netizens said that the publication of the latest actress ugly, sparked controversy in Japan in the house. Luna freyja in the just concluded Tokyo game show, the SQUARE ENIX brings the latest image of "Final Fantasy 15", a heroine Luna freyja attracted the attention of the latest screenshots. The same scene of Japanese users pulls out a game show in Tokyo last year, announced on the same position the same dress of Luna freyja, put together the two contrast difference is quite obvious. Clothing color, skin color, hair color and background color are adjusted, and in 2016 the more Luna freyja facial three-dimensional, and the difference is obvious in 2015. Comparison of the two notice is the final version of the United States or the United States version of the 2016 version of the more beautiful? TGS Japanese netizens appeared controversy: "last year this year, Luna Luna freyja is so beautiful, like the deterioration of copycat version of freyja." "Is there any deterioration? I personally love this year’s Luna freyja." "The right to change the same as zombies, the texture of the clothes is also very strange." "The left side is a plastic face, I definitely like the right side of the. This is the COSER favorite on the left." "I think the two are very nice." (source: Xun Xun editor: WB)相关的主题文章: