Family education in the existence of major problems, early know early benefit! Sohu –

Family education in the existence of major problems, early know early benefit! Sohu – maternal little plum elder sister: we to safety and children’s education is always put in the first place, in education, when children in the primary school, the parents found that many children appeared a lot of problems, these problems and affect the later development of children with academic achievement, with the the development of Education, we also recognize that many of the problems come from family education. Now regardless of country or their families, have begun to attach great importance to family education, when we implement the family education, but found a big problem, we found that this problem is caused after the children grow up in the root of the problem, and this problem but is a lot of families to know the most shallow and most do not care that led to a lot of families in the imperceptibly buried the future hinder a child’s development potential! Family education is the most important part in the growth of children, now public service ads from CCTV television can also be seen, now the country attaches great importance to family education, family education, reading, the phenomenon of adverse news and continuous burst of children because of family education and produce, these can be seen in family education is self-evident the importance of a child and influence. However, the influence of family education for children, children in early family education is the most important, but also the children most affected, but each family awareness of the shallow, but also the lack of attention to the stage, why? We have to analyze, for example, when you go to see a doctor, you go to the hospital blood test after examination, you can determine your condition according to the laboratory test is a cold, or other diseases. Another example of the children on the elementary school after the examination results, if the child’s score is 100 points, then you know that children learn to learn well, if not, the relative lack of school. The early family education for children is not immediate, personality characteristics of each family environment, parents’ literacy level, every child is different, it is not possible to have a single laboratory, like as a transcript index to tell you: some kind of education or a child in the future will affect you at any age what would cause certain deficiencies or problems! And due to the parents of the children and the influence of early family education problems in primary school children may have problems emerge, may also appear in the age bigger, and show the problems for each child is different, this time there is no difference and indicators can be for parents exactly that. I remember a story, Cao Piwen Hua Tuo: "you have three brothers are all doctors, and your greatest fame, you must be the highest skill?" Hua Tuo, said: "no, my skill is the lowest in our three brothers, Cao Pi was surprised and said:" but you famous doctor! Why is the lowest skill?" Hua Tuo, said: "my brother than my medicine is high, treat him with medium term, is when the patient in the middle healed, so his fame will only spread in the village. While!相关的主题文章: