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Software Got a Email Migration Project for Lotus Notes to Outlook : Do It Like an Expert, by Using Export Notes You are the person in charge of your own dealings, so always try to be systematic and genuine to yourself even before attempting to do a single piece of act that can have multiple affects on you. Taking the example of your need to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook, in case when you want to access the NSF files, even after your decision to change Lotus Notes email environment to the Outlook email client. Here the situation arises where you have to be very cautious and organized as the matter is of converting the valuable files and items that is the basis of your daily dealings. Take the challenge: Consider the situation as that you got a project to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook from your management that you want to perform with utter perfection. Then in this situation you cant go for any option to migrate the files, you need a reliable and quality choice so that the aim of the project will be achieved within a short time span. The best option in front of you is to get Export Notes, the utility that has been developed in the resource store of SysTools. Benefit Pack: The Domino to Exchange migration will bring you lot of benefits as the Outlook stands over the Lotus Notes in many aspects like Outlook provides option to form the Template of the same emails that you need to send many times in a day, so that the time need to prepare new one will be saved. If you prepare a template previously, just open the template and send the mail by adding the address. The Recurring List will help in maintaining the Repeated Task in a day Get the information about the deadlines that you want to meet and meetings that you never want to miss, just by adding them to the Information List option in the Outlook Filter feature in the Outlook mail will reduce your burden of searching for the mail from the hundreds of mails already stored To get all these benefits on your finger tip, the Domino to Exchange migration is helpful, but how to deliver it fruitfully is the query, then the answer is simple, get Export Notes. The utility is so reliable in action and steady in process, that the very downloading of the utility will make you hassle free. The tool is supportive to Exchange Server version 2010, 2007, and 2003 and Domino versions 4, 4.5, 4.6,5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8, 8.5, 8.5.1 & 8.5. Reliable utility: The NSF files that are formed in the Domino, carries the .plete information of emails of the users. Migrate Domino to Exchange process actually means the migration of the NSF files to PST that in another words is the Lotus Notes to Outlook Migration . The Export Notes utility will first convert all the NSF files to the PST files and then using the ExMerge utility (for Exchange 2003) or Import Mailbox feature available in the Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007 import the files to the Exchange server. If you want a glimpse of the capabilities and the options that Export Notes carry, then here it is Not even a bit of data alteration can be dealt whole through the process of migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook. The email attachments like cc, bcc, sent and receive time and date, and all those folders along with the mail, and also the items like Task, Journal, Calendar, Contacts etc will be converted, unchanged. The time taken for the whole process is very less when .pared to the time taken by the manual method of migrate Domino to Exchange. Now you can relax as Export Notes will be there to help you tackle the situation in which you got a project to Migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook, in real also. So get the software with added benefits of reliability and quality, download it now itself, and never let your ignorance rule out your benefits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: