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Even Chen Shuibian did not dare to do this thing, Cai Yingwen actually did the original title: even the things that do not dare to do, Cai Yingwen actually did the work of the Chen Shuibian! Yesterday, Cai Yingwen did one thing, many mainland people do not know. First look at Taiwan media reports: Cai Yingwen 5 in Kaohsiung on the "war and Peace Memorial Park" attended "Taiwan soldiers memorial activities", this activity is in honor of 1940 to 1950s, the Taiwan army cannot choose battlefield and do, Cai Yingwen said the government will support Taiwan in search of military history of justice, will not let Taiwan the story of soldiers annihilation in history. Cai Yingwen was excited at his Facebook made a post in the Japanese era, many Taiwanese was drafted into the army, in the Pacific war. After the end of World War II, they put on the national government military into civil war. Then, there are many people on the spot, was incorporated into the pla. Taiwanese have no choice. To the North Korean Peninsula, South to Taiwan, New Guinea, and some soldiers never died in a foreign land. Some soldiers from Taiwan to stay in the local, isolated from home for decades. Some people are not easy to return to Taiwan, but his life with the shadow of war. Our generation, regardless of ethnicity and ethnicity, has been in the era of big clouds of war inside, struggling to survive. We hope that through the commemoration and reflection, so that all the people of Taiwan, can deeply understand the story of the war generation. When people can accept multiple historical views, the Taiwan society can really move towards reconciliation. I also believe that this is the true meaning of peace. Looks very peaceful, it is "politicized", right? But if it is full of malice! Cai Yingwen said the Japanese "Taiwan soldiers", but in the Japanese colonists under the spell, followed by the invaders, let Chinese kill Chinese, invaders slaughtered Asian people! According to statistics, until the Japanese surrendered, when the total number of Taiwanese Japanese soldiers have more than 80 thousand people, and has been for families, more than more than 126 thousand and 700 people, a total of about 200000 people. Among them, about half of the dispatched military bases in Taiwan, more than 60 thousand people went to Southeast Asia, Australia, more than 20 thousand people have been sent to the Chinese theater including Hongkong, another more than 10 thousand people are serving in japan. In more than 20 Taiwanese Japanese army, a total of 30304 people died, accounting for about 14.6% of the total number. In the war dead, a total of 28 thousand killed Taiwan Japanese soldiers were dedicated to the Yasukuni Shrine in Japan. Even if there is no Taiwan as cannon fodder in the postwar Japanese, is also facing allied military tribunal. According to historical records, the total of 173 Taiwanese Japanese convicted, of which 26 were classified as class a war criminals sentenced to death, another 147 B and the following war criminals sentenced to imprisonment. Taiwan became a colony of Japan, the Taiwanese people were coerced into the Japanese imperialist aggression war, this is the history of misery and sorrow. However, no mention of "colonial" and "aggression" (note that Cai Yingwen first sentence is "Japan Times"), one-sided view that these veterans are "struggling to survive," said one sidedly to everyone "admit multiple view of history", this is not the injustice in everything and justice? )相关的主题文章: