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Episiotomy: they are born, why get a knife? According to the survey, according to the Sohu, in the natural delivery of maternal, the probability of doing perineal incision is getting higher and higher, as high as 86%, the most common is episiotomy. This does not ban a lot of prospective mother puzzled: why should a natural childbirth? Is there any effect on the body? Will not hinder the future sexual life? In order to solve all the doubts, the kangaroo mom today and we talk about: episiotomy. What is episiotomy? Perineal incision surgery is the most common in obstetrics and Gynecology, for the second stage, the stage is lying on the bed in the middle of the children. Episiotomy is divided into lateral and median incision. There are advantages and disadvantages of side cut and median incision. Medisection to cut tissue less, less bleeding, easy to, postoperative pain is light, but the drawback is likely to occur the anus, rectal injury, and should not be used for fetal large, perineal body short, forceps, breech traction vaginal surgery. Side incision need to cut open the organization more, bleeding is also more, after the suture tissue swelling, pain is heavier, but not because of the incision to extend the involvement of the rectum, so the clinical use of episiotomy. Perineal incision speed is very fast, especially for experienced doctors, can be said to be an instant incision, in the throes of a more serious, and even some women do not know have been cut. Incision length is generally about 2-5cm, the incision is still relatively small. Why do episiotomy? In the doctor’s view, this operation is very simple, is in the perineum cut a small mouth. But a lot of pregnant mother said, since it is natural childbirth, why cut a knife? I don’t cut it? The obstetrician said, although the anatomical and physiological features of the vagina to the fetus was delivered smoothly, but in fact, when the fetal head delivery about 10 cm in diameter, perineum or are prone to tearing. But in the event of the laceration, are left with varying degrees of disability, if laceration to the anal sphincter and rectum, and even lead to incontinence, uterine prolapse and so on, the consequences will be grievous, mother was very painful. But if we can timely episiotomy, that would not happen in the sequel, and can accelerate fetal delivery, is good for both maternal and fetal. Do all the women have to cut it? Not a. Experienced doctors in the fetal head to see the vaginal orifice, it will be the first time to determine the baby is not large, it will cause severe perineal tear, and then decide whether or not to perform episiotomy. Under the following circumstances, the doctor will perform episiotomy. 1, fetal factors: the fetus is too large, will extend the birth process, are unfavorable to the child, and the excessive fetal can easily cause perineal laceration; the fetal head is low, but there are obvious phenomenon of fetal hypoxia, fetal heart rate changes, or rhythm of the heartbeat irregularity, and amniotic fluid turbidity or mixed with meconium, urgent need for baby delivery as soon as possible. 2, maternal factors: – perineal condition is not good: poor elasticity, tight perineum vagina narrow or perineal inflammation, edema, etc…相关的主题文章: