Drunk nostalgia, fresh Feng restaurant founder of wayward 80 guy to play Cross – Sohu and vy canis majoris

Drunk nostalgia, fresh Feng restaurant founder of wayward 80 guy to play Cross – Sohu and I am Wu, a few years of financial, playing a cross, from the financial sector across all of a sudden to the restaurant. I opened a new restaurant, Cantonese cuisine and seafood. We don’t talk about restaurants. Just tell my own story. Sometimes, memory is a sad thing, want to find a place nostalgia is also very luxurious. I never thought to live in the city, we leave the hometown, there is a deep sense of nostalgia, this is a city of nostalgia, nostalgia for a small fishing village. I was born in a small fishing village on the sea in Taishan, Guangdong province. Here the mountain and the sea, the hillside village, the villagers of village farming and fishing, fishing, daily sunrise and sunset, the original natural way of life. Like all native rural child, as a restless "wild monkey", to climb trees on bird picking pick melons, in the field to dig down to the sea sweet potato hit wild herbs, catch fish and shrimp. Until the sky is black, with a cry of "Grandma’s home for dinner ~ ~ ~" only get enough to go back home. Hear me say a small fishing village, you are interested to continue to listen to it? A small fishing village fishing village is small, small to can not find his place on the map, only in the long coastline a bit to see the past, finally stopped at about a range of – town deep bay town. Wells town belongs to subtropical monsoon and moist monsoon climate, four seasons East southerly, humid climate, warm in winter and cool in summer, the average temperature of 22 degrees celsius. Because the sea salty fresh water transfer, surrounded by large dense mangrove waters, so rich in resources, the villagers Kaoshanchishan utensils, with shrimp, crab and oyster breeding flowers; especially oysters are well-known both at home and abroad, often exported to Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong and other places. Richly endowed by nature tropical marine climate brings rain, watering the fields of crops throughout the year are green, high quality, rich production. When you walk into the small fishing village of the moment, mountains, streams and nostalgia suddenly went into my heart. Towards the evening birds contend, fishermen each answer, in the morning with night Xingxingdiandeng, especially warm and honest fishing village who let you I found home. Here the moonlight charm. Sitting on the beach, facing the blue sea, Haoyuedangkong, "riverside tidal sea level, sea moon tide of artistic conception", Huaiyuan nostalgia arise spontaneously. The moon hangs over the small fishing village of ancient group and the beach of the mangroves, the dark water mirrors a moonlight light Ying, shore dock small fishing boats flashing red or yellow light, reflected in the sea, the beach is very beautiful embellishment. The sea breeze bathed in moonlight, the sea can drink, meat fat fish oysters, shellfish and other assorted seafood, is also a great pleasure in life! A row of oyster Taishan has a long coastline, there is broad tideland for oyster growth, the bay is very clean, water is very clear. It is a typical local freshwater salty border area, farmed oysters are particularly vulnerable to fat. The vast expanse of coastal mangrove forests in addition to purification, but also brought a wealth of marine life. The summer sun Bay Town, looking ahead, a picture of oyster arrangement.相关的主题文章: