Double 11 sales is the top 3 mobile phone manufacturers in the top three

Double 11 sales is the top three mobile phone manufacturers in the top 2016 Tmall 11.11 shopping carnival, the phone has become one of the most popular consumer goods. From Ali real-time data released, mobile phone category sales ranking China mobile phone production dominate the glory mobile phone became the first turnover breaking 100 brands, ranked in trading volume and sales volume ranking first. Ali released the list, after the glory is located in Meizu, ranking second, followed by millet, ranking third, followed by apple. Different price range of mobile phone sales ranking, 3000 yuan more than the mobile phone with iPhone 6S, iPhone iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus firmly occupy the top three; 2000-2999 price in the first three were millet Note2, Mito M6 and glory 8; the 1500-1999 million range Charm Blue MAX the most popular, followed by millet and music as music 5S MAX2; 1000-1499 yuan range were 6X, HUAWEI glory play enjoy 5S and red rice Note4; 600-999 yuan to Meizu Charm Blue 3S and Charm Blue note3 separated two, 4 red rice third; the last is 0-599 yuan before three respectively, red rice 4A glory play 5 and Charm Blue note2. Mobile phone single product category ranking, 6X won the glory smooth play turnover and sales champion, followed by millet and red rice Note2 4A separated the mobile phone single product sales and sales of runner up, millet 4A trading volume third, sales of third for the Charm Blue 3s. Overall, the 11.11 mobile phone most popular single product of $one thousand machine, glory, Meizu, millet become the biggest winner.相关的主题文章: