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Director Zhai Junjie on "the actor price paid: we are not for RMB services! – Culture – the famous director Zhai Junjie guest culture channel ( Wu Yaxiong photo) October 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Yan) "good actor, creator or reward is to respect the results of their work, but please remember, we are" serving the people "not" serve the RMB "." This afternoon, the famous film director Zhai Junjie in the guest culture channel "literary series". Chinese Federation of the Tenth National Congress, China Writers Association Ninth National Congress will be held in Beijing in November this year. People’s culture channel and China Federation theory today invited the famous film director Zhai Junjie, chairman of China Dancers Association Feng Shuangbai, President Jiang Kun China Artists Association, guest interviews, talk about "new China meteorological literature". From the early film "battle of Taierzhuang" "Armageddon", and then to the three film "Long March" movie, Zhai Junjie film has been a full 30 years. 30 years, such as one day, Zhai Junjie admitted that he has been in a lot of public opening has said that the film and television drama to be more boutique". "We are engineers of human souls", Zhai Junjie admitted that he has been in recent years in different occasions stressed three sets of keywords, "the new era, we have to unify these three sets of keywords." First, the market and position. Zhai Junjie believes that the current market economy is not wrong, but as a creator, the position is more important, what is the position? To serve the people." Second, price and character. Zhai Junjie said, as an actor, Anlaoquchou should be, "but there must be a reasonable price" and the price paid compared to "people’s character is more important." Third, products and works. Zhai Junjie believes that with the development of market economy, now both film and television dramas, comic, quyi, or dance works, people will all of these literary works packed into the product on the market, allowing the public to test. "As a popular culture consumer goods, they should not be clearly the price of high-end consumer goods, and should provide a rich spiritual food and cultural products for the people. We really should pay the remuneration of the creative staff, but compared to the main funds to invest in the production of fine film and television drama, which is the most important." (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: