Deputy battalion Secretary adjusted to thousands of units, the wife wants to follow the real estate -9c8921

Deputy battalion commander officer to thousands of miles away for sellers to follow his wife unit – Sohu former military channel empty cadres Hao Maojin resolutely obey the arrangement — thousands of miles to keep charge, attitude that original units were abolished, their messages may be adjusted to the other office, Hao Maojin all day depressed. As a deputy secretary of the Air Force Political Department of the former Ji’nan military region, he and his family paid a lot for their jobs. 5 years ago, in order to support the work of Hao Maojin, his wife quit the enviable provincial key high school teaching work, in the army stationed a business to find a job. One family settled the day after a few years, today ushered in the "military exam reform". Hao Maojin told reporters frankly, after the news, he had moved the idea of job change. After all, this trip will face another long separation between the two places. What about the job of a wife? What about children going to school? How about the maintenance of the elderly? These are very realistic problems. But since it is a reform, it is sure to touch many interests. "I am a soldier and a member of the party. When the organization needs it, I can not and should not choose what is called the best road."." Listen, Hao Maojin isn’t talking high, that’s his real idea. To communicate with their families, Hao Maojin played for several days in mind. "I am the farmer’s son, without the training of the party and the army, I can not go to today, our family will not have today’s happy life."." Think twice, Hao Maojin to his wife showed his attitude, "since wearing this uniform, should take out the soldier’s good appearance, to be a qualified revolutionary soldier."……" After listening to his words, the wife was silent for a long time, and finally only said a word: "big deal, we sold the house, where you go, where I go, I struggle again."." At that moment, two people hugged each other tightly. As soon as the post order was announced, Hao Maojin packed his backpack and went to the northern theater air force thousands of miles away. A go to mobilize, look in a clean manner, but think carefully, will know this need strong faith, how much to pay. To the new unit, the organization to talk to Hao Maojin. He said, "give me the platform, give me the chance. Give me the post. It’s the stage.". As long as the organization needs, I will always maintain the charge posture, to contribute to the strong army to contribute their own strength." When Hao Maojin spoke to reporters, the house was cold, but the reporter seemed to feel the boiling blood in his chest.

副营职干事调整到千里外单位 妻子欲卖房追随-搜狐军事频道  原济空机关干部郝茂金坚决服从组织安排――   千里赴任,保持冲锋姿态   得知原单位被裁撤,自己可能被调整到其他单位任职的消息,郝茂金一整天情绪低落。作为原济南军区空军政治部的一名副营职干事,他和家人为工作岗位付出了很多。   5年前,为了支持郝茂金的工作,妻子辞去了令人羡慕的省重点高中任教工作,在部队驻地一家企业找了份工作。一家人稳定下来的日子没过几年,如今又迎来了改革强军的“大考”。   郝茂金向记者坦言,得知消息后,他也曾动过转业的念头。毕竟,自己这一走,将会再次面临漫长的两地分居。妻子的工作怎么办?孩子上学怎么办?老人赡养怎么办?这些都是很现实的问题。   但既然是改革,肯定要触动许多利益。“我是一名军人,更是一名党员,组织需要的时候,我不能、也不该去选择所谓的‘最佳道路’。”听得出来,郝茂金不是在唱高调,这是他的真实想法。   跟家人沟通前,郝茂金打了好几天的腹稿。“我是农民的儿子,没有党和部队的培养,我不可能走到今天,我们全家也不会有今天的幸福生活。”思忖再三,郝茂金向妻子表明了自己的态度,“既然穿上这身军装,就应该拿出军人的好样子,做一名合格的革命军人……”听完他的话,妻子沉默良久,最终只说出一句话:“大不了咱把房子卖了,你去哪我去哪,咱重新再奋斗。”那一刻,两人紧紧相拥。   调整任职命令一宣布,郝茂金就打起背包,奔赴千里之外的北部战区空军。一次说走就走的调动,看起来干净利索,可仔细想想,就会知道这需要多强的信念,需要多大的付出。   到了新单位,组织找郝茂金谈话。他说:“给我平台就是给机会,给我岗位就是给舞台。只要组织需要,我会一直保持冲锋姿态,为强军兴军贡献自己的一份力量。”   郝茂金跟记者说起这些时,屋外正寒,记者却仿佛能感受到,他胸膛里那沸腾的热血。相关的主题文章: