Department has passed the quality warranty period should be responsible for the beneficiary business

The Department has passed the warranty period shall be in charge of the business department: benefit has been the quality warranty period shall be responsible for the business benefit of Neijiang City District Housing Construction Bureau responsible person, from 2013 to December, the implementation of urban renewal in Neijiang, funded by the government, Central City Housing Bureau led to 43 street more than 5000 block shop a unified replacement. "Unified implementation of the old city style transformation, unified shop recruit, but also in order to enhance the image of the city, to solve the previously part of the non-standard shop trick security risks exist." The person in charge said that since then there have been many shops to attract aluminum plate collapse event, the housing construction department also found the original design, construction and supervision and other units to analyze the reasons. According to the analysis, the shop adopts the aluminum plate for fear of water, its expansion and contraction and cracks between the wall, coupled with the business arbitrary drilling and other improper use of aluminum plate caused by water immersion, is the main reason for deformation, falling and even collapse of aluminum-plastic plate. After the unified replacement, the shop’s shelf life is 1 years, and there are problems in 1 years. We are responsible for the replacement; the warranty period is 2 years, and we are responsible for the maintenance within two years." The person in charge said, but these shops have passed the warranty period, the benefit and use of the business is responsible for routine maintenance and management, the responsibility should belong to the business. "It is impossible for the government to pay the money to the merchants to repair it." The person in charge also said that, in view of the incident, the housing department will work with the streets, the community of a shop within the jurisdiction of the hidden dangers of the investigation, and for the presence of security risks shop proposed rectification. The person in charge also said that he also reminded the majority of businesses, found that shop trick security risks, should be promptly ruled out. "Maintenance and reinforcement can also be, such as serious demolition and reconstruction is also OK, in short, to ensure safety."." Neijiang City Administration Bureau responsible person, according to the "Neijiang city built outdoor advertising facilities management measures", according to the different material stores have different service life. Among them, wooden, bamboo and other skeleton shop for the use of the period is not more than 2 years, steel materials shop use period is not more than 3 years, LED subtitles screen, night lighting lighting facilities shop use period of no more than 5 years. According to the regulations for the management of outdoor advertising facilities in Neijiang built up area, the framework of the steel structure used by the event shop should not be used for more than 3 years. But a number of shops in Ganquan temple, including some stores, all said that they did not know the service life of this shop, and there was no relevant department to remind the shop to be close to the service life. Neijiang City Central District Housing Construction Bureau responsible person, more than the warranty period, the benefit and use of businesses should strengthen routine management and maintenance. As for the need to dismantle after the use of life, the person in charge said that businesses can be based on the situation of their own repair, reinforcement, or demolition and reconstruction, as long as the safety and urban management departments to meet the requirements of the specification. Neijiang Urban Management Bureau responsible person also confirmed that the "Neijiang city built outdoor advertising facilities management measures" on the shop to recruit specifications and coordination of the corresponding requirements, business self installation needs to meet the specification. The first is the responsibility of lawyers to view the property owner is the use of Taihe Road again

部门:已过了保质保修期限 应由受益商家负责   部门:已过了保质保修期限 应由受益商家负责   内江市市中区住建局相关负责人介绍,2013年至12月,内江实施旧城改造,由政府出资,市中区住建局牵头对43条街道的5000多块店招进行了统一更换。“当初统一实施旧城风貌改造,统一店招,也是为了提升城市形象,解决此前部分不规范店招存在的安全隐患。”   该负责人说,此后发生多起店招铝塑板垮塌事件后,住建部门也找到当初的设计、施工和监理等单位分析了原因。据分析,店招统一采用的铝塑板怕水,其在热胀冷缩后与墙体之间出现裂缝,再加上商家随意钻孔等使用不当而造成铝塑板浸水,是铝塑板出现变形、掉落甚至垮塌的主要原因。   “统一更换后,店招的保质期1年,1年内出了问题我们负责更换;保修期2年,两年内我们负责维修。”该负责人说,但这些店招均已过了保质保修期,应由受益和使用的商家负责日常维护和管理,责任理应属于商家。“不可能政府出钱给商家修了,就管终身。”   该负责人还表示,针对此次事件,住建部门将与街道办、社区一道对辖区内的店招隐患问题进行排查,并对存在安全隐患的店招提出整改意见。该负责人另外表示,他也在此提醒广大商家,发现店招出现安全隐患后,应及时排除。“维修加固也可,如严重的拆除重建也行,总之要保证安全。”   内江市城管局相关负责人介绍,根据《内江市建成区户外广告设施设置管理办法》,店招根据骨架材质不同有不同的使用年限。其中,木、竹等骨架店招的使用期限不超过2年,钢架材质店招使用期限不超过3年,LED字幕屏、夜景灯光亮化设施的店招使用期限不超过5年。 根据《内江市建成区户外广告设施设置管理办法》规定,涉事店招使用的是钢架结构的骨架,其使用期限不应超过3年。但包括涉事店铺在内的甘泉寺路多家商铺均表示,他们并不知道这种店招的使用年限,也没有相关部门提醒店招已临近使用年限。   内江市市中区住建局相关负责人介绍,超过保质保修期后,受益和使用的商家应加强日常管理和维护。至于到了使用年限后是否需要拆除,该负责人表示,商家可根据情况自行维修加固或拆除重建,只要满足安全和城管部门要求的规范即可。内江市城管局相关负责人也证实,《内江市建成区户外广告设施设置管理办法》对店招设置的规格和协调性等有相应的要求,商家自行安装需满足其中规范。   ◎律师观点   责任首先是产权所有人再是使用人   泰和泰律师事务所律师陶洁认为,涉事店招由政府出资修建,使用者为商家,他们之前理应有相关协议明确店招的所有权。根据物权法和侵权责任法等,店招如有明确的产权所有人,此次事件中的赔偿责任应由产权所有人承担。   泰和泰律师事务所律师邓庆也认为,此次事件中店招砸伤小女孩,其责任首先应找产权人,即店招的所有人。如找不到产权所有人,则应由使用人负责。   成都商报客户端记者|姚永忠 摄影报道相关的主题文章: